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Video: Galaxy S5 Launch Sales Reportedly Better Than IPhone 5s Launch

04/24/14 After multiple reports revealed that the Galaxy S5 is apparently selling better than its predecessor, a new infographic says that the Galaxy S5 has enjoyed better launch sales than the iPhone 5s did a few months ago during its own launch. iQmetrix measured Galaxy S5 sales during its launch weekend, from April 11th to April 13th, sampling over 15,000 stores across North America, and compared them with iPhone 5s sales from September 20th to September 23rd. ...Read More »

IPhone 6 Could Sport A Thick, Curvy Bumper

04/24/14 The iPhone is about to get curvier than ever, if a new report is to be believed. According to Japanese publication Macotakara, the purported iPhone 6 may sport a thick, round bumper that would significantly switch up the iPhone's iconic slim build. BGR.com says that this rumored build reminds them of a metallic add-on shell designed by Japan's Squair for the iPhone 5 and 5s. ...Read More »

Facebook Buys Fitness Tracker Startup Behind Moves

04/24/14 Facebook acquired the startup behind the popular fitness tracking app Moves as it expands beyond its namesake service into a company with multiple, differentiated mobile apps. Menlo Park, Calif.-based Facebook said Thursday it bought ProtoGeo Oy, the Finnish company behind the app, for an undisclosed sum. Launched in 2013, the Moves app has been downloaded 4 million times on Android phones and the iPhone. ...Read More »
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You Know You Want A Galaxy S5 With Swarovski Crystals On The Back

04/24/14 Samsung and Swarovski are back at it again with another unholy mash-up that puts crystals on the back of Samsung Galaxy smartphone. As the teaser shows, the phone is adorned with countless crystals effectively turning the backside into a knuckle-scrapping, pants-ruining device from hell. But at least it looks better than Samsungs faux-leather plastic back. This isnt the first time the two companies have joined forces to enrich humanity. Apparently people buy them. ...Read More »

"Human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova Shares Sexy Workout Video

04/24/14 "Human Barbie" Valeria Lukyanova,the controversial 28-year-old star, known for her doll-like looks, took to YouTube yesterday to share a video of herself working out and enjoying time on the beach. The video features Lukyanova exercising during an outdoors run in the sun. The Ukrainian-born blonde holds the camera above her head, giving viewers a bird's-eye view of her ample cleavage, super-skinny waist and legs in a blue sports bra and tiny blue running shorts. ...Read More »

Its Mostly Android Deserters Who Buy Cheap IPhones

04/24/14 In its earnings call on Wednesday for the second quarter of its fiscal year 2014 , Apple revealed that more than two out of three cheap iPhone buyers are switching over from Android, highlighting the move as a success for the company. Apples Tim Cook said that on the quarter, 62% of iPhone 4s buyers and 60% of iPhone 5c buyers ditched Android smartphones to purchase an iPhone. The more than two-year-old iPhone 4s was a hot seller for Apple during the period, and even though the company did not say how many iPhone 4s units it sold out of the total 43 million iPhone sales during the period. ...Read More »

Apple Posts Record Q1 On Strong IPhone Sales, Margin Gains

04/24/14 Apple announced a strong set of second quarter results for 2014 on Wednesday, beating guidance on both revenues and gross margins. The company saw its revenues grow 5% year-over-year to$45.6 billion in the second quarter, which turned out to be its best non-holiday quarter ever. The top-line outperformance was primarily driven by a strong showing by the iPhone, which sold well across geographies and price ranges. Each of the three iPhones in the market sold better than their predecessors in their respective price ranges, and the two new carrier signings in NTT Docomo and China Mobile provided Apple with a strong boost in Japan and China. ...Read More »

Fixit Site Fixya Launches Services For Small Businesses And Companies

04/24/14 Fixya , the site that gives do-it-yourselfers tips for fixing broken stuff, is launching a new service aimed at connecting local repair shops and service providers with people in need of assistance. “We created this program as more of a funnel. So heres a way for a small business to generate traffic for themselves and get traction in their local areas,” says Fixya chief executive Yaniv Bensadon. ...Read More »

New Project CARS Game... And It's Awesome

04/24/14 Project CARS, the latest racing game will hit stores this fall. Project CARS features an extraordinary variety of both race and road machinery, from the stripped-down BAC Mono and fan-favorite BMW 1 M to Formula One cars and the Audi R19 hybrid Le Mans Prototype. It won't feature any races against the police, but it will have a career mode that sets goals for the individual player to achieve, and online community events. Project CARS will be available this November on the Playstation 4, XBox One and Wii U consoles, and PC and Steam OS. ...Read More »

Birds Keep Building Nest In Front Of Traffic Cam

04/24/14 A group of Ospreys, large fish-eating birds of prey, have opted to build their nest in front of a traffic camera on Maryland's Chesapeake Bay Bridge, and no matter how many times officials take the nest down, the Ospreys just build a new one. All in all, the nest has been removed three times and then rebuilt again by the Ospreys. Yup, these birds have definitely ruffled the MDTAs feathers. ...Read More »

Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Support Added To Unreal Engine 4 In Latest Update

04/24/14 Moving a game from one platform to another -- from iOS to PC, from Xbox One to PlayStation 4 -- isn't as easy as it seems. Just change a few button prompts and you're all set, right? Not so much. There's a lot to consider: how do you control the game (mouse/keyboard/gamepad/touch/etc.)? does it sync up with online leaderboards? does it have the proper logos/attribution? Epic Games' Unreal Engine 4 aims to circumvent as much of that as possible, and today it's enabling two more platforms: Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In terms of Xbox One peripheral support, that includes Kinect, and in terms of PlayStation 4 peripheral support, that includes the Project Morpheus virtual reality headset. ...Read More »


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