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Original Apple Computer Sells for $365,000 at New York Auction By Clip Syndicate A fully operational Apple computer that company co-founder Steve Jobs sold out of his parents' garage in 1976 for $600 sold for $365,000 at Christie's on Thursday. The Ricketts Apple-1 Personal Computer, named after its original owner Charles Ricketts, is the only known surviving Apple-1 documented as having been sold directly by Jobs to an individual from the Los Altos, California family home, according to the auction house.

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North West Is Already a Pro at Facetiming--And Khloé Kardashian Proves It! By Clip Syndicate Khloé Kardashian never wants to be too far away from her adorable little niece, North West, so she goes to any length to make sure she sees the toddler! That's right, Aunty KoKo showed off one of the sweetest Instagram pics ever yesterday, showing her Facetiming with Kim Kardashian and Nori. North's big brown eyes look on as her aunt is shown making faces at the cellphone camera. Khloe captioned the cute family photo, "Face time session with Nori and KiKi. I mean…her cuteness is unreal. ...Read More »
'Driving While Black' App: It's Sad That It's Come to This By Clip Syndicate Though the developers of the soon-to-be released Driving While Black smartphone application want motorists to download their product, there is a time when they definitely don't want users searching for it. Melvin Oden-Orr, one of two Portland lawyers creating the app, stressed, "Do not reach for your phone when you are talking to police." Avoiding moves that could make police think you're reaching for a gun is just one tip included in the app that educates drivers about how to safely deal with police during traffic stops. Despite its attention-grabbing name, Oden-Orr said the app due for release in late December will provide common sense advice to motorists of all races and outline what civil rights you have during a stop.

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Iowa May Be The First State To Offer Digital Driver's Licenses On Smartphones By Clip Syndicate The smartphone has become a central component of daily life. In Iowa, it will soon be where motorists keep their driver's licenses, too.According to the Des Moines Register , the Iowa Department of Transportation is building an app that motorists will be able to use in lieu of a conventional driver's license. The app is slated to launch next year, and it will be free to all users. ...Read More »
Canada's Top Court Rules Cellphone Searches Legal, With Caveats By Clip Syndicate Canada's Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that police may search a suspect's cellphone without a warrant under specific conditions that safeguard the broader constitutional right to privacy. The 4-3 decision mirrored the deep divisions of lower courts in both Canada and the United States as they try to balance privacy rights in a digital age with law enforcement's need to protect evidence. The Ottawa-based court said that limited searches were lawful in some circumstances. ...Read More »
Lamborghini Smartphone Will Cost You $6,000 By Clip Syndicate Lamborghini's are very expensive cars, but there's another product line with the same name that is expensive as well. Only 1,947 88 Tauri devices will be made — the number was chosen for the founder's birth year. The technical specs aren't groundbreaking — it's in line with already available smartphone options — but this phone is clearly more about showing off wealth than any sort of advanced functionality.

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Instagram Tops 300 Million Active Users, Likely Bigger Than Twitter By Clip Syndicate Facebook's billion-dollar Instagram acquisition is looking better and better. Instagram announced Wednesday that it now has more than 300 million monthly active users, up from 200 million in March. At that level, Instagram likely has about as many or more users than Twitter, which announced in October that it had 281 million active users in the third quarter. It is also in the process of cutting down on spammy accounts. The app is still in the process of monetizing its audience, having introduced ads in November 2013 and rolling out video ads in October 2014.

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New Study Finds Millennial Business Ownership, Technology Adoption On The Rise By Mitchell Hall for America's Backbone Weekly Here's the weekly roundup from the world of small business ...Read More »
How to Buy the Right Cell Phone for Your Business By Dana Lindahl for America's Backbone Weekly These factors will help you decide the best way for your employees to stay in touch. ...Read More »
How to Buy the Right Cell Phone for Your Business By Dana Lindahl for America's Backbone Weekly These factors will help you decide the best way for your employees to stay in touch. ...Read More »

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