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Conductak Sticky Circuitry By Ko Maruyama Conductak chief conductor, Allen Pan, has created a simple solution to introduce circuitry and making to a community of learners who might not be able to use a soldering iron or complex breadboards. The conductak sticky material can be used on multiple materials too. At this year's SIGGRAPH Making area, Allen showed attendees how fun and easy simple circuitry can be. ...Read More »
Win an ipad at Kelly Community By Clip Syndicate with Michelle Smalls ...Read More »
Content Insider #406 - TV Anywhere By Miles Weston TV bundles, fixed time TV shows are for old folks. If you're a millenial you've probably shaved or cut your TV part of the cable. If you're a Gen X/Yer you probably never knew fixed time TV ever existed and probably didn't have a cable to cut (that was so cathartic!). Entertainment - anytime, anyplace, any device - is consuming 60 percent of our important Internet capacity. Delivering all that video content are networks, stations, studios, Netflix, Amazon, independent filmmakers, YouTube/Facebook/other stars to people on their Internet connected smart 4K TVs, computers, tablets, smartphones. If you can't find something you want to, enjoy, need to watch you ain't trying. Or you're too busy creating the stuff. Or your battery just died on your iPhone. ...Read More »
Young Hong Kongers go analogue in a digital world By Clip Syndicate In a city crammed with neon-lit tech stores, smartphone vendors and high-end camera shops, a digital backlash is mounting as young Hong Kongers seek out an old-fashioned analogue experience. ...Read More »
Cellphone outage impacts thousands By Clip Syndicate Cellphone outage impacts thousands ...Read More »
LifeFone Mobile Smartphone Personal Security Now Available to Consumers Nationwide By Clip Syndicate BOCA RATON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Smartphone personal security app provides one touch access to monitoring professionals, GPS tracking, medical issue identification and more for pennies a month. ...Read More »
Congo creates francophone Africa's first mobile phones By Clip Syndicate When Vérone Mankou hit a few snags in his quest to build a low-cost laptop, he did not give up. Instead he simply transformed his project and now is the proud creator of the first mobile phones "designed and assembled" in Francophone Africa. ...Read More »
July 15, 2015 By Mitchell Hall for America's Backbone Weekly Small & Medium Business Cloud Computing Projections, Small Firms Lagging Big Business in Two-Speed Recovery, More Women Owning Small Businesses, Customer focus powers small business growth ...Read More »
Is Android, WindowsPhone or iOS the Best For Business? By SooJi Min for America's Backbone Weekly Each system has its advantages, but how do you choose? ...Read More »

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