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Dont Assume Youre Too Small to Attract Cybercrime By Keith Loria for America's Backbone Weekly Hackers follow the path of least resistance, and often view small- and medium-businesses as the best entry points to a larger organization. Heres how you can improve your cyber security. ...Read More »
Keep an Eye on Your Workplace With Mobile Surveillance By Amy Beth Miller for America's Backbone Weekly New technology lets you monitor multiple job sites or business locations in real-time for increased safety and security. ...Read More »
Tech Talk: The new HTC smartphone By Clip Syndicate Amanda Ace shows us HTC's new smartphone, and a projected keyboard. ...Read More »
Tech Talk: The new Samsung smartphones By Clip Syndicate Amanda Ace shows us Samsung's new smartphones. ...Read More »
Spring cleaning time for your electronic devices By Clip Syndicate Make sure you keep all your apps on your smartphone and software up to date to keep the devices working smoothly. KSPR's Jonathan Harper has more on the spring cleaning. ...Read More »
Cell Phone Bill By Clip Syndicate Cell Phone Bill ...Read More »
Cell Phone Bill By Clip Syndicate Cell Phone Bill ...Read More »
Content Insider #387 - Advocates By Miles Weston I have nothing against people getting paid to hawk a product. Everyone's got to make a living and saying it's the greatest thing since whatever seems harmless enough. But when it comes to buying something for our family I want a "real person's" inputs - friends, family, folks who posted online and media reviewers who do this stuff for a living because they both have street cred and have a reputation to maintain. Even if the reviewer was given the product and is still using it in his/her personal, work life...I'm impressed. The paid shill may make me aware of the product but I still have to go online and get the straight scoop? You too? Thought so! ...Read More »
Samsung banks on new smartphone roll-out By Clip Syndicate Samsung rolls out its new smartphone in South Korea and 20 other countries in a bid to restore its role as market leader. Duration: 00:54 ...Read More »
Use Connected Lighting to Set the Mood in Your Store By SooJi Min for America's Backbone Weekly Smart bulbs allow you to adjust their colors and even create and save lighting scenes to best highlight your products - all from your phone or tablet. ...Read More »

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