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Content Insider #383 - New Rules By Miles Weston Security experts say there are two types of system/device users - computer, tablet, phone - those that have been hacked and those that don't know they've been hacked. Really a grim view of the world I'd say. It's not that bad but it doesn't take much for people to get creepy, bad stuff on their device that does mean, nasty stuff. Security isn't IT's business or your service provider's. It's like Smokey the Bear said - "only you can prevent forest fires" - and this fire can strip you of your complete identiy and more. There's no safe, secure security solution available except for good old caution and common sense. ...Read More »
Deputy Makes Arrests on St. Pete Beach By Clip Syndicate A cell phone video apparently shows a Pinellas County sheriff's deputy using force to arrest two men on St. Pete Beach. ...Read More »
Paris museums consider selfie-stick ban for safety By Clip Syndicate Bad news for selfie-stick lovers. Museums in Paris are moving towards banning the popular devices, which allow smartphone owners to get photos of themselves, claiming they cause hazards for crowds and artworks. Duration: 00:58 ...Read More »
Smartphone giants unveil latest models at technology show By Clip Syndicate Mobile providers have been unveiling their upcoming models at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, showing off the latest in smartphone technology. Duration: 00:57 ...Read More »
Dolby Laboratories and Lenovo Announce the Launch of Three New Dolby Atmos Enabled Mobile Devices at Mobile World Congress By Clip Syndicate BARCELONA, Spain--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dolby Laboratories Announces the Launch of Three New Dolby Atmos Enabled Mobile Devices at Mobile World Congress The Lenovo A7000 smartphone and TAB 2 A8 and A10 tablets to feature Dolby Atmos sound ...Read More »
How will the new HTC One M9 challenge the iPhone 6? By Clip Syndicate The HTC One M9 has been released, but what makes this smartphone stand out from the crowd? This new phone has a slicker, smarter design but its best specs appear to be its enhanced camera and speaker technology. ...Read More »
Cell Phone Use Affecting Health In More Ways Than One By Clip Syndicate Cell phones are attached to people while at home, work, and even in the bathroom. But how is the sometimes addictive device affecting people's health? ...Read More »
Content Insider #380 - Ask a Kid By Miles Weston Wonder why regularly programmed TV faded so quickly in favor of OTT (Over The Top) viewing and why tablets and smartphones so quickly became the viewing/listening tools of choice? It was your kids (or your neighbor's kids. They fearlessly take on anything - including tricky devices - because they know how things "should be" and they make the hardware, software work for them not within the prescibed guidelines. If you look around at the things you use to stay connected you can sometimes recall there was a time they weren't there but not the Digital Natives. And they're using them in ways - exciting - ways you never thought of. And they've barely opened the door to tomorrow. ...Read More »
Samsung Galaxy S6 Video Teases Flat Screen, Metal Body By Clip Syndicate Samsung released a teaser video on Friday for its upcoming flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, focusing on materials used in the device's design. Instead, we see imagery featuring glass, metal and water, with a voiceover saying, "I am crafted from the beautiful things I see around me. I am #TheNextGalaxy . See what inspired me at #Unpacked. Rumors suggested there would be more than one model , with at least one device featuring a curved screen.

 ...Read More »
A new app lets you track sharks on your smartphone By Clip Syndicate New technology allows you to track the movements of great white sharks as they travel along the central coast. ...Read More »

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