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Samsung is Buying LoopPay for Its Own Spin on Apple Pay By Clip Syndicate Samsung is moving into mobile payments in a big way by acquiring LoopPay , a company that lets you pay for things with your phone similar to Apple Pay. LoopPay's technology mimics swiping a traditional credit card when you hold one of its smartphones cases up to a card reader. That gives it the advantage of working in 90 percent of existing payment terminals (or so the company says). ...Read More »
LG G Flex2 Review: This is What the Original Should Have Been By Clip Syndicate Naysayers have been doing their thing since the notion of a curved smartphone made the leap from a nutty concept to bona fide market fad, and they're not going to stop any time soon. Neither are LG and Samsung, for that matter, who squared off in late 2013 with -- what else? -- a pair of curved phones. ...Read More »
LG G Flex 2 Upgrades the Curved Phone, but It's on the Slow Side By Clip Syndicate It looks like curved phones are here to stay. The first curved phones debuted in 2013, a product of flexible displays and the desperation of smartphone manufacturers to differentiate. The LG G Flex was among them. It was also a gigantic underpowered beast of a phone, and although its curved screen could turn heads, it couldn't turn a so-so device into a good one. Now comes the LG G Flex 2, which promises to upgrade the curved phone with better hardware and design that's closer to the mainstream. ...Read More »
Should You Encourage Your Patients to Explore "The Quantified Self? By Craig Mellow for America's Backbone Weekly The pros and cons of measuring everything you do and consume to improve your health. ...Read More »
Xiaomi Trounced Samsung in China Last Year By Clip Syndicate We've been charting Xiaomi's steady rise in China over the past few years, but the latest stats from IDC make it clear just how far the tiny phone company has come (as well as how far Samsung has fallen). Xiaomi ended up leading China's smartphone market last year with a 12.5 percent share of shipments, while Samsung came in second place with a 12.1 percent share. ...Read More »
BlackBerry Dials Up Second Lawsuit Against Ryan Seacrest's Typo (Exclusive) By Clip Syndicate According to BlackBerry Limited, the second season of Ryan Seacrest's Typo is too much like the first, The once dominant smartphone maker is again suing Typo, alleging in a new complaint filed on Monday in California federal court that its mobile keyboard designs have been "slavishly copied... down to the smallest detail, including the layout of the keyboard itself, the shapes of the keys, and the surface sculpting of the keys. ...Read More »
U.S. Army to Provide Equipment, Intelligence to Fight Boko Haram By Clip Syndicate The commander of U.S. Special Forces operations in Africa said, the United States military will provide communications equipment and intelligence to help African nations in the fight against Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram. West African military commanders have long complained that cross-border operations against Islamist groups, from al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in Mali to Boko Haram in Nigeria, have been obstructed by lack of compatible communications equipment, making it hard to swap information and coordinate. Brigadier General James Linder said that, as part of the annual U.S.-backed 'Flintlock' counter-terrorism exercises this year in Chad, the United States would provide technology allowing African partners to communicate between cellphones, radios and computers.

 ...Read More »
Ford Guns for China's App Addicts, Seeks WeChat Tie-up By Clip Syndicate Ford Motor Co wants Tencent Holdings Limited to tailor its popular chatting app for the firm's cars in China, as automakers in the world's largest market vie for drivers that care about high-tech features as much as engine size. Rivals including Daimler and Nissan Motor Co Ltd are also looking at ways to give drivers safe, hands-free access to mobile apps in China, home to the world's largest number of smartphone users. ...Read More »
From Grand Theft Auto to Wall Street: Trading Apps Woo Gamers By Clip Syndicate Twenty-something consumers raised on video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Angry Birds are being wooed by financial trading apps, keen to build bridges with a post-crisis generation that is uninterested in financial services or plain mistrustful. Bright colors, cartoon graphics and the ability to trade risk-free with virtual credits are features of apps such as BUX and Kapitall, which eschew financial lingo and complex charts in favor of competitive head-to-head battles and motivational messages like "OMG!" after placing a trade. While financial trading is a niche slice of the $15 billion mobile gaming industry, dominated by brands such as King Digital Entertainment's Candy Crush, some two-thirds of UK retail traders already use their smartphone or computer to buy or sell and app makers are sensing an opportunity.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Reportedly Drops Bloatware in Favor of Microsoft Apps By Clip Syndicate Quite a few smartphone fans will tell you that a Samsung phone's Achilles' heel is its software -- you'll find a ton of ( frequently unwanted ) apps and features that do little besides chew up space and slow things down. You may get to wave goodbye to that cruft when the Galaxy S6 shows up, however. A SamMobile source claims that Samsung is yanking a lot of its usual pre-installed bloatware, making the GS6 "amazingly fast" compared to a weighed-down phone like the Galaxy Note 4 . ...Read More »

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