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Proposed cell phone tower in limbo By Clip Syndicate NewsChannel 21's Pedro Quintana spoke to people who are opposed and for the cell phone tower in rural Deschutes County. ...Read More »
Raise Your Business I.Q. With New Technology By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly Here are the best apps for mobile devices ...Read More »
Punch In, Punch Out: The Benefits of Mobile Time Cards for Construction By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly Technology saves the day ...Read More »
Boy loses his iPad, good Samaritan returns it By Clip Syndicate Boy loses his iPad, good Samaritan returns it ...Read More »
8-17 Waterproof Technology By Clip Syndicate Steven Van Dinter shows some waterproof technology for cellphones. ...Read More »
Content Insider #480 - Appy Time By Miles Weston Every time you turn around someone tells you "There's an app for that," regardless of what that is! It's true and there are more being developed and offered up every day. And according to Sensor Tower there's no sign of letting up. By 2020 they expect to see over 5 M in Apple's library (2.4M this year) available - freemium and paid. Of course the fact that most - if not all - will have holes, need patches and expose your systems and data to darn near everyone won't bother most folks. Tried to tell our kids but at their age you can't tell them much. Actually that's true of almost everyone out there which is good news for hackers and cyberthieves...just not you...or you! ...Read More »
Man shares cell phone video from Blvd. De Province By Clip Syndicate Man shares cell phone video from Blvd. De Province ...Read More »
Top 4 Must-Have Photo Editing Apps for Android By Gabrielle Montoute With Android's industry leading camera, everyone can be a photographer. So whether you're taking photos for a wedding, shooting pictures for inspiration, or taking selfies, you can definitely use a good photo editing app. There are multitudes of apps on the Google Play store that can offer your Android phone filters and stickers for your photos - they'll all do the job. However, not all of them will do the job right, so here are the 4 best apps for photo editing as told by this Gaming App Developer. ...Read More »
Why Should I Advertise My Book on Instagram? By Olga Grigorenko Promoting written work via a visual platform such as Instagram may seem counterintuitive. The reality is though, that Instagram is a tremendously powerful advertising tool for every business professional - including authors. Regardless of genre, books can be promoted on Instagram in a wide variety of ways, all it takes is a little creativity and some business experience. Many businesses now pay to advertise on Instagram, recognizing the app as a high-traffic platform to generate more business. You however, can promote your book without paying a dime, while reaping all the same benefits, and this Gaming App Developer will tell you how. ...Read More »
Five Benefits of High Tech Fleet Management By Paul Fitzgerald for America's Backbone Weekly New technology will help grow your business. ...Read More »

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