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Aaron Paul Fires Back At Toys R Us For Pulling Breaking Bad Action Figures By Clip Syndicate Aaron Paul isn't happy that Toys R Us pulled Breaking Bad action figures from shelves. He went on Twitter to ask why they'd keep selling Barbies and violent video games and not the Breaking Bad figurines. He also shared a petition to get the toys back on shelves. ...Read More »
Lady Gaga Buys $23 Million Malibu Mansion With A Batcave--Yeah, You Read That Right! By Clip Syndicate To the Batcave, Little Monsters! Lady Gaga has dropped a cool $23 million on a Malibu mega-mansion fit for Mother Monster herself. The home features a massive 800-bottle wine cellar, home theater, saltwater swimming pool and, oh yes, a subterranean "batcave." The batcave can be accessed through a, well, not-so-secret passageway in the living room—and in reality, the "cave" is a tricked-out recreational space with a 1960s-style bowling alley and basketball free-throw machines. ...Read More »
'Clash Of Clans' IPad Game Almost Ruined The Royals' Season By Clip Syndicate Despite a 7-1 shellacking by the San Francisco Giants in game 1 of the World Series Tuesday night, the Kansas City Royals' season is going very well. They've reached the playoffs for the first time since 1985, and made it all the way to the World Series — something only they and the Giants can claim among Major League Baseball's 30 teams. But back in July, things looked bad for the Royals, as the team struggled to focus and slipped below .500. ...Read More »
A Video Game Helped Make A Gun That Shoots Teddy Bears A Reality By Clip Syndicate A post apocalyptic reality means sometimes getting really creative with the remaining resources you have. Apparently in crises like in Sunset Overdrive , a sassy Xbox One exclusive being developed by Insomniac Games, that may mean weaponizing cute, cuddly teddy bears and classic vinyl to help fight off the mutants laying siege to your town. In an ad for Sunset Overdrive, we meet a real life version of Walter--your average garage tinkerer--who has found a new, violent life after the mutants began to overrun Sunset. Sunset Overdrive is out on Xbox One on October 28th.

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'Ori And The Blind Forest' Will Melt Your Heart And Your Thumbs By Clip Syndicate The first thing that strikes you about the video game by Moon Studios' "Ori and the Blind Forest" is the gorgeous atmosphere. But playing through two sections of a preview build brought this game's rich mechanics and difficulty to the fore. Ori's aesthetics are matched by a compelling world — an adventure wrapped in puzzles like many of the 2D forebears that inspired it.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera Shootout Versus IPhone 6 Plus, LG G3 By Clip Syndicate The battle of the phablet phones begins with a test of their built-in cameras that come equipped with optical image stabilization. Which phone takes the best shot? Samsung's latest Galaxy Note 4 sports a new design, but it sticks with a well-tested formula that has defined the phablet range of smartphones since its debut three years ago. Packing a Quad HD Super AMOLED display -- that's a super-sharp resolution of 2,560x1,440 pixels -- and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor, the Note 4 is the most advanced smartphone from Samsung yet. Like the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Note 4 shares some of the same features -- and more importantly for this article, a 16-megapixel rear-shooter that comes with optical image stabilization. Like the S5, it features magic focus -- the ability to choose a focal point as well as handy feature that lets you take a selfie with the rear camera.

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Claire Danes Teaches Cookie Monster The Word Of The Day On Sesame Street By Clip Syndicate Sesame Street has added yet another guest star to its collection! Actress Claire Danes appeared on the show to teach viewers the word of the day. The three-minute video starts with Claire and Cookie Monster. The Homeland actor opens by telling viewers they will be learning a new word. Danes responds to the animated character by saying, "No, Cookie Monster, we're not here to talk about cookies, but we are here to tell everyone the word of the day." To his despair, though, the new word is "diagram."

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Amazon's Hope For Gaming Success At Last? Build A Multimedia Empire By Clip Syndicate Between an e-book business, a TV studio, and gaming streaming service Twitch, Amazon has all of the pieces to build a video game franchise with cross-media potential. Now all it needs is that hit game. Amazon is getting another chance to deliver. The Seattle online retailing giant on Tuesday released a new set of games for its mobile devices. The fall lineup is a mix of original titles and collaboration with other game developers, all made specifically for Amazon's devices. ...Read More »
People Can Make A Great Living From Gaming By Clip Syndicate Playing endless hours of video games could turn you into a millionaire. The world of competitive gaming has turned the hobby into a lucrative sport. Countless tournaments have sprung up over the years, offering gamers the chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars for playing rounds of Dota 2 or StarCraft. Players can even sign to competitive teams, with the potential to win millions in international tournaments. ...Read More »
'Downton Abbey' App Brings The Dowager Countess To Your Phone By Clip Syndicate Are you a fan of the popular and acclaimed British period drama TV series Downton Abbey ? Then you might want to check out the series’ new official iOS app. Called Downtonisms , the app in question is a soundboard app featuring more than 160 memorable lines from the series, as uttered, enunciated and proclaimed by Violet Crawley, Lady Mary, Mr. Carson, and nine other Downton Abbey characters. The app also features a quiz that challenges you to match “Downtonisms” to the characters who said them. Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 7.0 or later, Downtonisms is available now on the App Store for $0.99.

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