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James Franco Hosts SNL and Makes Out With Actor, Nicki Minaj Spoofs Kim Kardashian & Beyoncé By Clip Syndicate James Franco showcased some troll-like PDA on SNL on Saturday while hosting the NBC sketch comedy series for the third time and was joined by hip hop singer Nicki Minaj , who performed on the show AND spoofed two other popular female celebs— Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé . Of course, Franco also took the time to poke fun at himself, mentioning a certain Instagram debacle that occurred earlier this year. ...Read More »
CBS Pulls Programming From Dish Network By Clip Syndicate CBS pulled its programming from Dish Network on Friday in 14 major markets, including New York and Los Angeles, as the two failed to strike a long-term deal. CBS on a couple of occasions extended a deadline and on Thursday said it would work through the night to get a deal done, but the effort apparently failed. The now-expired deal had given Dish access to CBS-owned TV stations, the CBS Sports Network and Showtime, all of which went dark for Dish subscribers at 7 p.m. Dish chairman Charlie Ergen, on the other hand, contends that programming isn't worth as much when his customers can also get it over the Internet.

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Takashi Murakami Met Kanye Because of His Sculpture of a Woman By Clip Syndicate In a recent interview with Jay Caspian Kang for New York Times Magazine, one of the most important artists of 2014, Takashi Murakami, spoke about his art since the tsunami of 2011 and about collaborating with Western artists and brands including Louis Vuitton and Kanye West. Before Murakami designed the album cover for Kanye's Graduation album, he says that it was Ye's label that connected the two creatives. ...Read More »
Apple Asks for Dismissal of iPod Class Action Suit Over Missing Plaintiff By Clip Syndicate Apple filed for dismissal Friday of a long-standing antitrust case alleging it harmed digital music competitors and overcharged consumers for iPods. The reason? None of the plaintiffs in the case may have ever purchased any of those overpriced iPods.

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LeBron James Says Size Matters And He Likes His Headphones Tiny By Clip Syndicate Lebron James has a message for guys like Richard Sherman and Colin Kaepernick: when it comes to the post-game music jam, big is out--and small is in. James was rockin' his new Beats by Dre "Powerbeats" headphones after the Cavs beat up on the Knicks in NYC last night. They're wireless, and it's a huge fashion change from the classic Beats by Dre headphones, which are intentionally bulky and have become a fashion staple for tons of athletes.

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And the Best Celeb Selfie of 2014 Is.... By Clip Syndicate The best star selfie of the year may have the most famous faces ever on one phone! E Online asked, and YOU voted on the best celeb selfie of the year, and the winner is Ellen DeGeneres! Remember during the Academy Awards, she managed to get Meryl Streep and nearly every A-list celebrity sitting near her to pose for this record-shattering selfie: Handing her phone to Bradley Cooper, DeGeneres managed to get Jennifer Lawrence, Jared Leto, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong'o and Lupita's brother Peter all in one shot with her and Streep! The Oscar host even managed to break Twitter when she tweeted the picture. Her pic now has more than 3-point-3 million retweets.

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The Apple iPod Lawsuit May Get Thrown Out for not Having a Plaintiff By Clip Syndicate The antitrust lawsuit being levied against Apple has hit a serious roadblock. According to BBC News, attorneys for Apple contend that two women named as plaintiffs in the case surrounding the tech giant's iPods did not own devices relevant to the lawsuit. Between 2007 and 2009, the lawsuit contends, Apple deliberately deleted songs from competing services from users' iPods. ...Read More »
Amazon to Start Delivering Diapers and Dinner By Clip Syndicate Amazon is adding two more specialties to its offerings: diapers and dinner. In a new CNET Update video, viewers can learn about the launch of Amazon Elements baby products and how to order takeout delivery through Amazon Local. Today's tech news seem to be about the kiddies. Google is working on products for users under age 12, and Disney is releasing a suite of educational apps that work with a parent companion app.

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Apple Defended iPod From Hackers, iTunes Chief Says in Antitrust Trial By Clip Syndicate iTunes chief Eddy Cue rebutted claims that Apple tried to undermine iPod competitors nearly a decade ago, saying Apple was fighting a "never ending battle" against hackers to protect its digital media player and popularize its then nascent music business. "Steve was mighty upset with me and the team whenever we got hacked," Cue, testifying in a class-action lawsuit against Apple, said Thursday in reference to former CEO Steve Jobs. "If a hack happened, we had to remedy that hack within a certain time period or they [the record labels] would remove all their music from the store." Apple was also trying to prevent others from breaking the ecosystem it had created between its iTunes software, iPod MP3 music player and iTunes online music store.

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Lawsuit Contends Apple Deliberately Deleted Competitors' Music From iPods By Clip Syndicate A $350 million class-action antitrust lawsuit claims Apple, in a calculated move, shut out competing music services by ensuring that iTunes music would play only on iPods and did everything it could to hike up the price of its own products. According to reports, Apple deliberately deleted songs from customers' iPods that had originated from music services that competed with iTunes between 2007 and 2009. ...Read More »

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