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New Mexico City Plans To Auction Excavated Vintage Video Games By Clip Syndicate A city in New Mexico where 1,300 unwanted vintage video games were discovered buried in a landfill has voted to auction off more than half of the cartridges in the run-up to Christmas. Members of the Alamogordo City Council voted 7-0 late on Tuesday to offer some 800 of the Atari games found earlier this year for sale on eBay and the council's own website. The mystery behind who dumped the games in the landfill, and why, inspired the dig and a documentary film by Microsoft Corp's Xbox Entertainment Studios.

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Apple Watch And IPhone 6: What You Should Know By Clip Syndicate Apple stole all the headlines and social conversation on Tuesday, as the company unveiled its latest gadgets: the iPhone 6 , the iPhone 6 Plus and the Apple Watch , as well as its mobile-payments platform Apple Pay. Wednesday afternoon, Mashable discussed Apple's first smartwatch , its foray into the phablet market and much more in a MashTalk Hangout on Air.

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HBO Go Direct Access Inches Closer But Still Out Of Reach By Clip Syndicate Cord cutters: Time Warner may be creeping closer to direct HBO Go subscriptions that don't require a pay-TV service, as the company's CEO softens his stance. But it's not here yet. HBO Go is only available with a pay-TV subscription for now. CNET HBO Go is only available with a pay-TV subscription for now. CNET NEW YORK -- Access without a cable subscription to HBO Go, the premium cable channel's online platform with a huge library of streaming video, may be closer than ever before -- and still too far to grasp.

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Requiem For An IPod Classic By Clip Syndicate Amid all the new products Apple introduced on Tuesday, the Cupertino giant also quietly but officially retired the iPod classic. This was more than a little ironic, considering U2's appearance alongside Tim Cook on with a splashy new Apple video called back to the iPod silhouettes campaign from the mid-2000s. Indeed, the U2 ad feels like a homage to what is still one of the most successful consumer electronics products ever. ...Read More »
Everything Australians Need To Know About Getting The IPhone 6 By Clip Syndicate Apple announced the much-anticipated new iPhones on Tuesday, as bleary-eyed Australians tried to fight through their sleepy haze to catch a glimpse. The iPhone 6 is coming to Australia on Sept. 19. If you had a dream of being first in Australia, and pretty much the world, while finally scoring your 15 minutes of fame, think again. There are already savvy teens lining at the flagship store in Sydney, 10 days out. You can pre-order the phone from Friday. ...Read More »
Apple Unveils Smartwatch, Bets On Wearable Devices [UPDATE] By Clip Syndicate Apple unveiled its long-anticipated smartwatch Tuesday, introducing a device that transplants the features of an iPhone onto a smaller screen that's never more than an arm's length away. Dubbed the Apple Watch, the gadget marks the technology trend-setter's attempt to usher in an era of wearable computing and lift its sales with another revolutionary product. The watch's debut also heralds a turning point in Tim Cook's three-year reign as Apple CEO.

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Hands On With The IPhone 6 And The IPhone 6 Plus By Clip Syndicate The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus represent Apple’s new flagship products, and they’re a big change from what came before: The 4.7-inch 6 has a new, Retina HD resolution display, and smooth, rounded edges and a smooth transition between the actual glass protecting the screen and the rest of the casing. It also has an improved camera, and what might be its most exciting super-power: Apple Pay, which uses NFC tech to let the device authorize payments quickly using Touch ID as an authentication step. ...Read More »
Apple Introduces Payment Service By Clip Syndicate Apple Inc. on Tuesday introduced a digital-payments service tied to its iPhone 6 handset that will allow consumers to make purchases using just their smartphones, marking the company's first big push into brick-and-mortar payments. Apple said it hopes to speed up the checkout process, make credit-card payments more secure and ultimately, to replace physical wallets. The company said it is using a technology known as near-field communication, or NFC, that works by transmitting a radio signal between the device and a receiver, when the two are fractions of an inch apart or touching.

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Apple's IOS 8 Will Be Available For Download On Sept. 17 By Clip Syndicate Apple's highly-anticipated mobile software upgrade, iOS 8, will be available to download on Wednesday, Sept. 17. The latest version of the software is the platform's most significant overhaul since its launch. iOS 8 will be compatible with the iPhone 4S and newer, second-generation iPad and newer, including both the iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display, and the fifth-generation iPod Touch. Apple's new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, available beginning Sept. 19, will ship with iOS 8.

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Apple Resurrects The Scroll Wheel By Clip Syndicate After seeing countless of competitors releasing smart watches, Apple just unveiled the Apple Watch . It’s a tiny square touch screen strapped to your wrist. Yet, Tim Cook immediately stated that the company went through many iterations before finding a good user interface. At heart, it relies on the crown, a tiny scroll wheel reminiscent of the one you could find on your BlackBerry phone or iPod. Finally, if you want to go back to the home screen, you press the crown. You move around the home screen by swiping your finger on the display until you find the app you are looking for.

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