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Your Movie Friend on the latest "Hunger Games" movie By Clip Syndicate Check out the video above to see Your Movie Friend Aaron Dicer's review of the latest Hunger Games installment. ...Read More »
Ex-BlackBerry CEO Heins Now Helms Powermat By Clip Syndicate BlackBerry's comeback tour last year ended in disappointment. Ex-BlackBerry's CEO Thorsten Heins was ousted last November, replaced by current CEO John Chen, who has shifted the company's focus toward business software and security. While BlackBerry smartphones remain in the mix, they're no longer the priority. Heins, however, has re-emerged. This week, he was named CEO of wireless-charging company Powermat.

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'Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games' is a Bloody New Game for Your Commute By Clip Syndicate Metro Trains is at it again with Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games , a sequel to the smartphone and tablet game based on the now viral Australian train safety public service announcement . The game, which hit the iTunes store on Tuesday, will allow players to save a whole new cast of dumb characters from impending death, as they compete in 28 mini-games, such as the Electric Fence Hurdle and Landmine Curling. ...Read More »
Consumer Reports - Cell Service By Clip Syndicate Where does your cell service rank? ...Read More »
Consumer Reports - Cell Service By Clip Syndicate Where does your cell service rank? ...Read More »
European Parliament Preparing to Call for Google Break-up By Clip Syndicate The Financial Times on Friday cited a draft motion as saying the European Parliament is preparing to call for a break-up of Google Incorporated that would separate its search services from its other businesses. European regulators are increasingly concerned about Google's and other American companies' growing dominance of the Internet industry, and have sought ways to curb Google's perceived power. A public call for a break-up would be the most far-reaching action proposed. The FT cited the draft motion as saying, "Unbundling search engines from other commercial services” should be considered as a solution to Google's dominance.

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GameStop Attracts Bearish Options Bets After Weak Results Hit Shares By Clip Syndicate GameStop's shares fell 13 percent on Friday, a day after the company posted disappointing quarterly results, and its options attracted bearish bets as traders appeared to be preparing for a further slide in the share price over coming months. Shares of GameStop, the world's largest retailer of video game products, closed down $5.68 at $37.86 on Friday on the New York Stock Exchange and contracts volume on its options surged to 104,000, or seven times the norm.

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Noble Energy Exploration By Clip Syndicate Noble Energy Exploration ...Read More »
Photo-Sharing App Memoir Snags $5.5 Million To Help You Recall The Past By Clip Syndicate Photo-sharing application Memoir, a Timehop competitor that allows you to rediscover old photo “memories,” has raised an additional $5.5 million in a round led by Redpoint Ventures’ Ryan Sarver. Memoir, for background, first launched on iOS in fall 2013, offering users a variety of ways to uncover their old photos, including a time capsule-like function that’s a lot like Timehop’s. But Memoir tacks on several other features, too, including the ability to ask friends for photos you and they both snapped while at the same place at the same time.

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Email Hack Threats By Clip Syndicate Stuart Gorelick of Sandia Computers is here to talk about email hackers, signs of a bad email and what to do if this happens to you ...Read More »

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