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Advertising expert says energy drinks target teens 10-21 By Clip Syndicate Advertising expert says energy drinks target teens 10-21 ...Read More »
Morocco's First Solar Power Plant to Start Operating in 2015 By Clip Syndicate Morocco has announced that its first solar energy plant will begin operating next year. The plant is part of a multi-billion-dollar project aimed at satisfying the growing needs for energy in the North African kingdom. Zlatica Hoke reports the Nour 1 thermo-solar plant is the first of five that Morocco plans to build by the end of the decade, as it strives to become a world-class renewable energy producer. ...Read More »
Young Nairobi Tech Innovator on 'Track' in Security Business By Clip Syndicate A 24-year-old technology innovator in Nairobi has invented a tracking device that monitors and secures cars. He has also come up with what he claims is the most robust audio-visual surveillance system yet. As Lenny Ruvaga reports from the Kenyan capital, his innovations are offering alternative security solutions. ...Read More »
HEALTH MINUTE: Obesity Apps and Kids By Clip Syndicate Technology may be able to help fight childhood obesity by helping kids keep track of what they eat. ...Read More »
Apple Addresses ICloud Attacks While China Denies Hacking Allegations By Clip Syndicate Without saying much, Apple appears to have sent a clear message to hackers: stop messing around with iCloud users in China. On Monday, a group that monitors online censorship in China accused the People's Republic of intercepting traffic between local users and iCloud.com in an attempt to steal their passwords. In a so-called man-in-the-middle attack, the Chinese government allegedly hijacked virtually all connections to iCloud.com from inside the country using a fake certificate. A day later, Apple appears to have thwarted the operation with a technical fix, though the company has neither mentioned China specifically, nor confirmed whether the change was a direct response to the attacks. But the company also put out a new support page that says it's aware of "intermittent organized network attacks," and warns users not to enter their iCloud username and passwords if they see a warning for an invalid digital certificate. The Chinese government has categorically denied any involvement in the hacking scandal.

 ...Read More »
On The Heels Of Apple Pay, Jumio Launches A Card-Scanning Mobile Checkout Product For Retailers’ IOS And Android Apps By Clip Syndicate Computer vision startup Jumio, best known for its payment card and ID-scanning technologies which allow end users to hold up their cards to a mobile device’s camera to simplify the process of entering in that data on small screens, is rolling out a new product today designed to improve the mobile checkout experience for retailers. Called “BAM Checkout,” the product is the company’s response of sorts to the looming threat that is Apple Pay. ...Read More »
#2 safety By Clip Syndicate shadow tech ...Read More »
#2 safety By Clip Syndicate shadow tech ...Read More »
#1 safety By Clip Syndicate shadow tech ...Read More »
Video View 10/21/14 By Clip Syndicate "Pee-Wee's Playhouse: the Complete Series" arrives on Blu-ray and DVD this week. ...Read More »

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