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Your Movie Friend on new Terminator and Magic Mike By Clip Syndicate Your Movie Friend Aaron Dicer sizes up the latest two flicks at the weekend box office. He also gives us his pick for what movie you need to see this weekend. Check it out in the video above. ...Read More »
Home Tech with Mario Armstrong By Clip Syndicate Home Tech with Mario Armstrong ...Read More »
Wilmington Film Museum gives movies new life By Clip Syndicate The Wilmington Film Museum has set up shop at the Hannah Block Community Arts Center. ...Read More »
Talking Pictures Looking Forward By Clip Syndicate talking pictures looking forward ...Read More »
Rob Kardashian Is 'Furious' With Kim Over Her Comments To Rolling Stone By Clip Syndicate In Kim Kardashian's cover story with Rolling Stone Magazine, she said over the past two years her younger brother Rob Kardashian has gained 100 pounds because he smokes weed, drinks beer and plays video games all day. Well now, a source says Rob is furious with Kim and even blocked her from calling him. ...Read More »
TED 2 By Clip Syndicate Film critic, Scott Birmingham weighs in on the new comedy featuring that loveable bear ...Read More »
More entertainment besides 4th on Broadway this weekend By Clip Syndicate FOX 34's James Eppler has the rundown of more entertainment ideas. ...Read More »
Monitor Your Climate-Controlled Greenhouse From Your Phone By Amy Beth Miller for America's Backbone Weekly Adjust the temperature and watering cycle, all from your phone, tablet or other Internet-connected device. ...Read More »
Faith of Our Fathers 07/03/15 By Clip Syndicate Faith of Our Fathers 07/03/15 ...Read More »
Joey Chestnut 07/03/15 By Clip Syndicate Joey Chestnut 07/03/15 ...Read More »

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