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Facebook ready to test giant drone for Internet service By Clip Syndicate Facebook says it will begin test flights later this year of a solar-powered drone with the wingspan of a Boeing 737, the next stage of its campaign to deliver Internet service to remote parts of the world. ...Read More »
Tony's Take -- New Weekend Movies 7/31/2015 By Clip Syndicate It's Friday! And that means our man Tony Toscano is in the house. He has the rundown on what's hot in theaters this weekend. ...Read More »
Sheepdog Seminar By Clip Syndicate A Seminar That Wants To Build A Community Of Leaders ...Read More »
Box Office Buzz - 7/30/15 By Clip Syndicate Box Office Buzz - 7/30/15 ...Read More »
Congo creates francophone Africa's first mobile phones By Clip Syndicate When Vérone Mankou hit a few snags in his quest to build a low-cost laptop, he did not give up. Instead he simply transformed his project and now is the proud creator of the first mobile phones "designed and assembled" in Francophone Africa. ...Read More »
Oakwood University students develop rideshare app By Clip Syndicate Oakwood University students develop rideshare app ...Read More »
Lack of Rain By Clip Syndicate dry spell has businesses concerned ...Read More »
Heroes Action Show Coming to Abilene By Clip Syndicate Heroes Action Show Coming to Abilene ...Read More »
iForm Bathroom Light By Clip Syndicate This handy bathroom gadget is great for those late night trips to the toilet! ...Read More »

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