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Professional Women of LA Celebrated the Holidays at a Festive NAPW Los Angeles, CA Local Chapter Networking Event on 12/12/12


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Garden City, NY (PRWEB) February 14, 2013

Members and guests of the NAPW Los Angeles, CA Local Chapter got together for a breakfast networking meeting on an auspicious date that wont happen again for another 100 years: 12/12/12. The group of professional women used the occasion to celebrate the holidays and the close of a very productive year for the NAPW Los Angeles, CA Chapter.

NAPW Los Angeles Chapter President Ruth Garcia-Corrales welcomed members and guests to the breakfast networking meeting that was held at Factors Deli.

The significance of the date, on-going gift-giving, including a box of secret gifts from the Chapter President and huge baskets of Arbonne products donated by Lori Herman and Sarah A. Nargiso, and the bright colors attendees wore, all added to the festive holiday spirit to the meeting.

One of our guests, Lisa-Catherine Cohen had pointed out to me that we were holding our meeting on a very significant date and I do think it added to the festive atmosphere of the meeting, said the Chapter President. Many attendees discussed the various charities they are passionate about, especially during the holiday season. There were many speeches by members and guests that went beyond simple introductions, and, in the spirit of the season, we all enjoyed a little gift-giving.

Networking was in full force during the meeting. Members and guests invited one another to events that were happening that very night including a Night of Indulgence that was sponsored by Arbonne with Chapter member and Chiropractor Dr. Julie Zieve. There was also a holiday party and a clothing-and-accessories party by Chapter member and Designer Maureen Tepedino.

Members and guests present at the December 12th networking breakfast meeting each took a few minutes to share their personal and professional stories with the group of professional women:

Ruth Garcia-Corrales, Chapter President, is the Marketing and Advertising Director of Curacao, all 11 mega- stores that cater to the Hispanic market. Ruth was the first woman Consul General of Costa Rica, and from that position created CAFN, an amalgamation of all the Consul Generals of Central America, which, from that powerful coalition, literally changed that part of the world. She added that she is now in the last stages of her book, a biography of one of the founders of Curacao, who came to this country with $20 in his pocket. Lisa-Catherine drafted Ruth to read from her biography, titled What It Takes: From $20 to $2000,000 in the Womens National Book Association Reads Its Own (WNBA/RIO) that she created for the Los Angeles Chapter. She also produces, hosts, and reads at the events). That annual event was held on November 4th at the Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice.

At the event, I touted NAPW, and at the recent NAPW meetings, I plugged the WNBA event. A few NAPW members attended and a couple of WNBA members have, likewise, come to the NAPW meetings! said Lisa-Catherine. It seems we are becoming sister organizations. This was the first time Ruth read from her almost-finished book and she read it like a pro!

In her introduction, Ruth went on to say that not only does she take care of a husband, all 11 Curacao stores, and a fecund fig tree from which she cooks and bakes every imaginable fig concoction; and is working on her second book while completing the first one, she is also the mother of six (three dogs, two birds, a turtle) and two stepchildrenand two grandchildren! Ruth must have figured out how to fit 40 hours into a 24-hour day.

Chapter member June Davidson introduced herself with the statement, I am on a mission! The mission to which June was referring is, despite President Obamas Lilly Ledbetter ruling that women are to be paid the same as men for the same work, it isnt happening, and women are still being paid less than their male counterparts. Well, June intends to change that. The strength of her intent leaves not a whit of doubt that she will accomplish it. Her business title on her business card is: American Seminar Leaders Association and Coaching Firm International. She talked further about helping women gain confidence when speaking in publicshe obviously knows whereof she speaks! June mentioned Lynn Rose and her WOW FactorLynn helps people get rid of the fear of public speaking; she will attend the next Chapter meeting. June Davidsons assistant, Dave Mathews, was also at the meeting and very briefly introduced himself as Junes assistant.

Guest Linda Balaban, an Arbonne Executive, sat next to her colleague at Arbonne, Chapter member Sarah Nargiso. Sarah told the crowd about an event to happen that nightwith masks (not Halloween ones, but rather a green, pore-closing skin application). She promised that night there would be margaritas, facials, raffles, and massages, and would feature Chiropractor Dr. Julie Zieve. On a more serious and important note, Sarah told the group of professional women about United in Harmony, a nonprofit whose mission is making a difference in a homeless childs life.

Sarah explained that it is a mentorship program that, through Arbonne and its products, provides opportunities for and raises the self-esteem of impoverished children, especially young girls. You can contribute to this worthy cause by contacting Sarah.

NAPW member Daphne Germaine is always stunningly attired with her own designs. Daphnes main focus is disaster-survival kits. What with the recent horror of Hurricane Sandy on the east coast and Katrina not so long ago, this is an important issue and one that Daphne is passionate about, she even offers such survival kits for dogs! Daphne wants to market these G&D Survival kits, with first aid and so much more, to schools, offices, auto dealerships, stores, and of course our homes.

Jovita Jenkins, a Chapter member, is the Author of a wonderful self-help book titled, Get Out of Your Own Way. In these pages, readers will find ways to move up the corporate ladder by learning what the essence of true leadership is, and how to become one themselves. You can purchase her book at the Mystic Journey Bookstore, on, and through jovita(at)jovitajenkins(dot)com. Jovita also writes and collects the achievements every month for the WNBA/L.A. Chapter Newsletter.

As a Writer, I know full well what it takes to get from idea to a finished book, and I can tell you firsthand what having a book can do for you: it sets you up as an expert in your field, gets you on the panel in front of audiences (where you can sell books at the back of the room), puts you in magazine, radio, and television interviews, helps you run successful, high-profile seminars, Webinars, and teleclasses, said fellow Author, Lisa-Catherine.

Daisy Marks, a veteran NAPW member, spoke passionately about her cause célèbre, Achievable, a clinic that provides services to low-income families, individuals, and especially children. Achievable holds fundraisers, sponsors foundations, offers grant programs through Cedar Sinai Medical Centers Community Mental Health Program, and truly does make a difference in peoples lives. To donate, visit

New member Shilpa Sayona, MD and MPH, exemplifies what she talked about: wellness. She represents Sayana, a medical spa and wellness center that offers yoga, dietary advice, and all the services a spa usually does. The spa is located in Studio City; find more information at

Jaime Jackson works as a Consultant for the Curacao Foundation. Jaime also offers grant-proposal writing services. For her savvy style advice through her online boutique, contact Jaime at jaimejacks(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Los Angeles Chapter member Maureen Tepedino, volunteered to speak at Lynn Roses The WOW Factor intro last week in front of two video cameras and two huge rectangular video lights so that Lynn could coach her doing her two-minute talk about herself and what she does. Maureen told the audience that she is an Interior Designer, Abstract Artist, and a Color Specialist to Walls. She also has a Women's Clothing and Accessory Boutique at her home in Venice. Maureen is the former Owner of Maureen's Boutique on Main Street in Santa Monica, which she owned and operated for l8 years and sold when she burned out, and was a Stylist to Jane Seymour, Suzanne Somers, and her mom, to name a few. Visit

Member Olivia Lam is a Graphic Artist and Designer and the Chapters Facebook Community Manager. Ruth Garcia-Corrales explained the picture that is used in the Los Angeles Chapter Facebook Page. See more of Olivias work by emailing her at olam(at)olamdesign(dot)com.

There are 11 photographs of a rainbow that arched over Los Angeles a few years ago. From the roof of a downtown building, with the L.A. skyline lit by the sun and etched by its light in front of dark rain clouds, my friend Enrique Santaana shot several magnificent photographs of that rainbow! Olivia set it up on our Facebook page and the design shows the whole rainbow that has now become the NAPW Los Angeles Chapter logo, said the President.

Guest Diana Lee Insan is a Hollywood Movie Producer and a Martial Arts Expert. Her films include Sensei and Saints and Sinners, the latter may be watched currently on the cable network Starz. She mentioned working with actor and comedienne Margaret Cho. Diana told attendees that she came to the Chapter meeting because she wanted to meet women from outside her usual world of showbiz. Diana can be reached at her company, Pointman Productions.

Member Julie Kestenbaum works with AFLAC, an insurance company. A Los Angeles Chapter member, Julie works with American Family and with employees in businesses, giving them access to affordable insurance, particularly catering to the Hispanic market. Julie can be reached at jdkestenbaum(at)gmail(dot)com.

Veteran Chapter member, Lorri Herman, also an Arbonne Executive, stood up and asked attendees two important questions: How many of you live the life you love? How many of you have created the freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it? Lorri confessed that shes still on the journey to that freedom, but it was now in sight, which showed everyone that everything is indeed possible. Lorri is a Life Coach who helps her clients move in that forward direction more efficiently than they believed they could, before working with her. Lorri placed another full gift basket of Arbonne products in front of her and for only $5, members and guests could purchase items that would normally retail for much more. A jar of silky hand cream was passed around the table and afterward, there were lots of new Arbonne aficionados.

New member Doreen LeHavi, Ph.D., told the crowd about her company, Business Partner Pro, where she puts together partnerships, whether professional or personal, that will work. Check out her companys website at

Chapter member Dr. Julie Ziev is a Chiropractor who has been practicing for 16 years. She gave a moving example of what chiropractics can do. The story she told was about a woman who had been suffering with excruciating, migraine-level headaches and no doctor or practitioner was able to help her. No drugs gave her an ounce of relief, either. With no other explanation, and now in constant tears, she was given to believe the cause of her pain was a brain tumor. After only one adjustment by Dr. Zievs skilled hands, the woman was freed of pain. It took two more visits, and shes been pain-free ever since. And no, there was no brain tumor. Dr. Ziev also works with Arbonne.

When Lisa-Catherine Cohen, who supplied the Chapter Minutes, introduced herself, she confirmed the efficacy of chiropractic from her own experience. She also told everyone how psyched she was because, at the L.A. Women in Music holiday party she had attended the night before, she picked up five copies of the newest issue of Music Connection Magazine, and on page 39, there she was.

Not because I did anything special or wrote a song of note, whcih the magazine was toutingat least, not on that page of that issuebut because I had attended my wonderful, but retiring music lawyers tribute dinner last October at the newly refurbished Sportsmans Lodge. Over 200 music-biz luminaries came to celebrate his career, she told the crowd. Al Schlesinger is such a special man and well worth Googling.

Lisa-Catherine proudly passed around the magazine turned to that page. She went on to tell the crowd that she is a Renaissance Artist. Currently, under the banner of Write NOW! she helps people, mostly elders, write their memoirs. She has been mentored by The Father of Gerontology in the World, Dr. James E. Birren, a 94-year-old also worth Googling, she said, adding that he and his wife, celebrated their 70th anniversary that very day of the meeting. She is an oft-published Book Editor, a double-platinum Lyricist, a spoken-word-with-live-Music Performer. She reminded the group that she mentioned NAPW at WNBA/RIO and vice versa.

I produce and host, as mentioned, Womens National BOOK Association Reads Its Own annually, in which both Jovita Jenkins (who puts our local WNBA newsletter together) and whom is also a NAPW member, and Ruth Garcia-Corrales, also a member of WNBA, read, said Lisa-Catherine.

Her website is currently morphing into a gorgeous new one youll probably be able to see in about a month: You can reach her at LCC(at)Lisa-Catherine(dot)com.
Chapter member Cheryl Gelling told her entire professional history beginning with the statement:

I have never had to look for a job. She told the group of professional women that she had been laid off from her law-firm job, and a three-day seminar that helped her let go of her fear of public speaking and was put on camera. Even though she had no experience in the field, she took a course in fundraising. Then she shared her three-W acronym that really is the secret to manifesting anything: Wisdom, Wealth, and Work. Perhaps we might place them in a different order, because when we Work, we gain Wisdom, and that results in Wealth. To contact her, write to Cheryl.Gelling(at)gmail(dot)com.

Carol Johnson, also a Chapter member, is a Singer/Songwriter who has been writing songs professionally since she was a teenager. Shes written songs for the Jackson Five and Motown Records. Her current project is a song she has produced, and performed about and for President Obama titled, Obama, We Need You; We Love You. Carol has poured much effort, money, and passion into this song. Lisa-Catherine encouraged all to listen to the song since CDs had been distributed to the group in late August. The artwork on the cover and the CD face is as excellent as the writing and production of the song itself. You can hear the song and reach Carol.

The National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) is the largest and most recognized network of female professionals. NAPW provides a forum where women can interact, exchange ideas, educate, network, and empower. NAPW Local Chapters allow members to maximize their experience through meetings, networking opportunities, and professional events.

For additional information regarding the NAPW Los Angeles, CA Local Chapter and/or NAPW, please visit

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