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Marble Medias Fitness Discusses Exercise - Memory Connection


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FORT LEE, New Jersey, (PRWEB) January 26, 2013, Marble Media LLCs online guide to fitness, says that the less exercise people get, the more likely they are to forget where they put their car keys. In the sites latest blog, describes a new study that proves memory deterioration is evident as soon as a week after an individual stops exercising and becomes inactive. The blog also offers tips for overcoming excuses and incorporating exercise into the everyday routine.

It has long been established that moderate exercise boosts the brains function as well as its structure, and can actually create new neurons, improve memory, and improve a persons mood.

Still, despite all the proven benefits that exercise offers, many people still find excuses to avoid it. is focused on helping individuals overcome the many common myths about exercise that prevents them from adopting a healthy activity routine for themselves, including:

1. No time. People who believe they have no time to exercise can easily incorporate low-impact activities into their daily routines, such as a 15-minute daily walk.

2. Too hard. The old no pain, no gain approach to exercise is no longer the standard for fitness. Individuals are encouraged to build strength and fitness with activities they enjoy, or even activities that simply fit into their daily routine. Playing olf, walking, swimming, or even house cleaning.

3. Too tired. Exercising regularly can provide an powerful pick-me-up. Something as simple as a brisk walk can boost energy and improve mood.

4. Too old, too fat or too sick. Experts say that it is never too late to start a fitness program, even for people who have never exercised, seniors, and people suffering from debilitating disease such as arthritis and diabetes. Very few lifestyles or health problems exclude all opportunities to incorporate exercise. A physician can help establish a safe exercise program.

5. Not athletic. Even for those who hoped they would not be picked for the dodge ball team in school, being an athlete or even being sports minded is not necessary to add activity into a lifestyle. Walking, yoga, jogging any activity that feels comfortable is suitable.

6. Boring. Exercise can be boring, but it doesnt have to be. Individuals who are bored with the treadmill or walking can take up an activity that interests. Activity-based video games, ping pong, skateboarding, dancing. If it results in breaking a sweat and getting the heart pumping, its doing the job.

Memory loss is often associated with the aging process, but it doesnt have to be. Committing to a moderate exercise routine can improve memory, and actually create new neurons. The benefits to memory are almost immediate, but only maintainable as long as a person maintains their activity level. offers advice on easing into a new fitness routine and focus on building strength and sustainable exercise habits, and can easily be accessed from a smart phone or tablet, so users can check for the latest in fitness and health apps, news, and workout techniques. offers a variety of options to stay motivated and keep the fitness routine fresh and fun. For more information, visit the website or email info(at)FitnessConnoisseur(dot)com.

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