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the mummy D Tue, 12 Sep 2017 12:14:18 +0000 the mummy D the mummy D KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> it is tuesday and it is new movies out. they are on dvd and blu-ray. of course, to preview those we check in with this guy, the great tony toscano. >> tony: what are you going to do? >> brian: let's revisit movies. >> tony: this is a kids movie called captain underpants.the first epic movie. this is, one of those movies that could have gone either way. but it did not go anyway. so that's i give this a "c" is a kids film about these two kids that advertise their principal into being a superhero. he went out the plot line. >> tony: it is based on a series of books and a t.v. show. pit's a funny film with some restrictions. the movie moves at a very fast pace. to keep kind of your attention of it. but the attention is just 8 to 12 years old. there's really nothing that keep the parent interested. these are the things that i look at when you take your kids, you will sit back and watch them enjoyed reported on the big screen at home. >> brian: maybe this is not time for parents. check out for an hour and 1/2. >> tony: if you're using the television as a babysitter yes. this is rated pg. >> brian: the next one is the monkey. a lot of people were excited about the possibility but it may have fallen flat. >> tony: universal studios was big in the 1930s with their monsters. the mommy was one of those classic films and then brandon frazier came out with his version of it. now tom cruise, they're rebooting the series supposedly. ginkgo is the itune of an evil princess who he sets her free to bring evil on the planet. he wants of course he does! >> tony: that is basically the plot. but what's in the film is not much. no imagination, no direction, no interesting characters. characters that are completely unnecessary. dom subplots, confusing storylines and funky special effects. really no reason for any of that. this movie needed a rewrite and then another rewrite. russell crowe who plays doctor jekyll in the movie, has absolutely no reason to be in this movie! he is just tacked on at the end. again, this movie needed a lot more character like the studios that we're going to do a movie movie, we don't care. >> brian: is tom cruise, as long as he is running at full speed we should be good! is there a scene where he is running? >> tony: always! then we went to the theater, the audience was running after the movie. this gets a "d" and it is rated pg-13. >> brian: if you like tony is much as we do,

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