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talking pictures 5/19 Fri, 19 May 2017 17:25:20 +0000 talking pictures 5/19 talking pictures 5/19 KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> it's a friday. we are talking pictures. three new movies out this weekend and one of them i have a feeling i will be seeing later tonight. >> yes. >> my daughters are so excited. >> despite what i'm going to tell you about it. yeah. there's three movies opening and i'll tell you what, it's not a happy weekend for me. >> oh, no. >> let's start with everything everything. this movie starred out to be a romeo and juliette type story. this is about a girl who, as you can see, i didn't like it very much, i gave it a "d." she has an immune -- a problem with her immune system. can't leave the house. boy moves in next door. he's cute. they tend to kind of just really gravitate toward each other until she decides what life is really worth. is it worth staying in this room and living that way? or feeling the world and living that way? so, you know that's the auspices but really what this boiled down to is just -- it just seemed to want to force the audience too much to care. the two young leads in this didn't have a lot of chemistry other than he's cute, she's cute. but there wasn't much going on. the ending just came out of this. it was as if a truck came up and threw an ending out and drove away. it didn't make any sense at all. i gave it a q- d." >> ok so we read the book at my house. we just finished it for high school. does it follow the book at all? >> i haven't read the book but i assume it was supposed to be close. but it -- really went into the ridiculous. >> if you were in high school would you like this movie? >> well, i would imagine. >> reach deep. maybe? >> maybe. >> maybe. all right. >> maybe i would see it through younger eyes. but, to be honest with you, that ending was just -- it's unforgivable. >> what about the second movie diary of a wimpy kid the long haul? >> yeah, diary of a wimpy kid, the long haul, we have a brand new cast because the kids in the first movie have all grown up now, too. alicia silverstone stars in this. gave it a "d" as well because it's a one-joke movie. there are things in that movie that i am not sure why it's in there. it's a long road trip first of all but when they parody different movies, it doesn't make any sense. like there's a parody of saving private ryan in it. >> out of nowhere? >> but what kid knows that movie? so there's a lot to it f it's forced comedy at its worst. i gave it a "d." it's rated p.g. >> can we redeem our self was alien covenant? >> no. we aren't going to. alien covenant -- and i am a huge alien fan -- i failed this movie because ridley scott failed us. if you are a fan of the franchise and saw promethius in 2012, this movie takes place a few months after the events in promethius. but what we have here is we have the most -- if you had gilligan's island cast on this ship, they would be smarter than these people were. it just somebody inane. people are doing just awful things, you know, out of just sheer stupidity. it just makes you angry and angry and angry and again, an ending that just makes no sense at all. i gave it an f. ridley should be trying harder. the reason i gave it an f. was because of all the hype surrounding it and we are expecting more from this movie. >> you don't want to leave a movie angry. no, you want to be happy. that's why you head to tony's facebook page. give him a like. check out his reviews before you head to the theaters. there he is with talking pictures. thanks, i guess. >> no hate. no hate on that. >> no.

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