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talking pics 8.11 Fri, 11 Aug 2017 17:22:43 +0000 talking pics 8.11 talking pics 8.11 KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> tony is here. now it's your turn. commercial break but jump into movies. what's out this weekend, tony? >> there were three movies that were released. i got to see two of them. the one everybody wants me to review is annabelle and i haven't seen it yet. >> hold on to that one. but you did see nut job 2. >> nut job 2. nutty by nature. the sequel to a lack luster movie. i don't know why they did a sequel to a movie that wasn't great in the first place. but this -- that's how they make money. then this one, the guys are being threatened because the mayor wants to level their homes to build an amusement park and therein lies the plot of the movie but you've got a lot of crude humor, especially for kids. there's some moments to laugh but overall, it just didn't connect with the audience at all. i gave it a d. they need to try harder because kids are a lot smarter and they deserve a lot better scripts. >> i was going to say to you, end of summer, is it one that maybe the kids would enjoy? but you're saying no. not even for them. >> i really don't think it's that. i think you're going to forget it the minute you walk out and i want -- you know, i love animated films that stay with you for awhile. >> that are smart. >> and make you laugh as well as your kids. that way you can enjoy it together. >> my daughter saw the ee moneying -- emoji movie and she gave it a -- i don't know what that means. >> i told you. it is the glass castle. it's all about this young girl growing up in a disfunctional, nomadic kind of family. they just -- the dad was played by woody harrelson. they find places to stay, they start to settle down and he gets the idea that there's a better dream somewhere else and they're pulled all over the country. >> he looks so young in the flashbacks. >> they did a great job. the movie itself does have some pacing problems and also has an incomplete feel to it so when the movie is over, you kind of want a little more explanation about things. but it is well worth seeing for the performances by woody harrelson, naomi watts and bri larson is in this. that gives it the c. it's an average film but slightly more than average. i wish i could do minuses and pluses and all of that but this movie is well worth your attention if you're into acting but it's going to leave you flat, too. >> and we haven't seen woody do these. >> woody, as i said earlier, he could do anything. he went from cheers to doing, you know, these wonderful dramatic roles so yeah, keep your eye on him. >> i will foreever love him because he was at sun dance and i asked for a picture and he said, heck yeah. if you like woody and tony as much as we all do, give him a like on facebook. there it is. brian likes to take pictures with people. >>

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