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Why this week is not the week to go to the movies

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Why this week is not the week to go to the movies Video: Why this week is not the week to go to the movies
Why this week is not the week to go to the movies Fri, 19 May 2017 12:13:52 +0000 Why this week is not the week to go to the movies Why this week is not the week to go to the movies KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> brian: congratulations admitted to a friday! it means new movies or in theaters. of course tony toscano is here. >> tony: another week under our collective belts. >> brian: that's right! collective. we want to put the lot of the belts but nonetheless - what do you have for us for the movies? before we have just a come i just say we have a sad weekend here. >> brian: i was going to say you have everything! >> tony: we do but it is on the low end of the thermometer. let's start with a movie called everything everything. this is about a teenage girl is suffering from a debilitating disease. she can't go outside her siblings and next door and the tenant have eyes for each other a little bit.and it gives her the bravery to step outside for the very first time. however, she does have this disease. and you know you can see right there i give the movie a "d" because the premise is silly. this kind of bubble girl type feeling to it. doesn't really pan out. >> brian: so don't waste your time. >> tony: it really is an ending that will make you angry. >> brian: okay so don't do that one! >> tony: i left the theater angry it is pg-13 i give it a "d". >> brian: this is diary of a wimpy kid. >> tony: this is a whole new cast, same characters but a new cast. they kind of rebooted the series. it did not do a very good though. that did not help. it's a d. is one of the silly, family techno that could have been so much better. >> brian: so parents that take the kids are going to be upset. >> tony: and a lot of things that they do your like what? they do a lot of parities. there's even a parody of saving private ryan. but what little kid that will watch this movie notice is a parody of saving private ryan? so it really is just a horrendous film from beginning to end. it doesn't go anywhere. again, it is rated pg-13 and i give it a "d". >> brian: can help us out with the last one? steve i can't! alien company. everyone has been waiting for this. while any incompetence just turned out to be - how can i put it? again, i was very angry at this film. because for all of the hype, for ridley scott to be back in directing the series. he created a series! this movie kind of killed the series. prometheus was a steppingstone for something better and greater.alien covenant did not quite give us that. in fact, he turned around and went the other way. it just fell apart and because this is a big movie, and because i trusted ridley scott, and because i'm such a fan of alien, i have to fail this film. it pretty much killed the franchise! and i did not want to see that happen. i love michael fassbender, i love the idea of the film but i will tell you what, i think it is one of those films if you are a fan of alien and a fan of this franchise it will make you just deliberately angry!>> brian: okay so does the any of these this weekend. >> tony: i give is a "f", it is rated r. >> brian: you can go on to tony's facebook page. but you will about whether! >> tony: you

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