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Who saved who?

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Who saved who? Video: Who saved who?
Who saved who? Tue, 08 Aug 2017 17:23:03 +0000 Who saved who? Who saved who? KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City i'm so excited mitch davis back on show writer director producer brand new movie coming out nationwide october 6th. called the stray. and this was shot in utah. i told you i saw the trailer for this several months ago. a lot of buzz about this film. >> yeah. it's starting to really pick up steam. and we're excited to release nationwide in october. >> is this movie about you, mitch? i'm afraid it is. that's a weird thing to make a movie about yourself and then have the actor keep looking at you onset how did i do, did i play you correctly? >> and as long as he looked handsome, debonair. i was down. you had it spot on. what time in your life is this about? what was going on? >> you know, early in our family's life. we have 5 kids we only had three at the time. and we were, i was working an executive at disney. working crazy hours with my wife trying to hold down the fort. crazy time. so early. early in our family's life. when it's all. keep up keep your head above water? who plays you in michael cassidy a fantastic actor. he's oh tv series right now called people of earth. handed some guy. my wife got pick to who played me i got to pick who played her you're also writer director of producer of other side heaven i can't blee it's 15 years is there connection between these two movies you think? else to true story a family that takes oh stray dog that ends up saving them. one of them is a saved me was i was hit by lightning which was part of the movie. i recalibrated my life. a drunk result of that experience. does it take something like that sometimes and we're going to see your journey of where you are before what that ah-hah moment does? i don't know if it takes everybody something like that. but it took that for me. nothing like, 300 million volt joet of help you help you stop and take stock think about your priorities. shot in utah. there are scenes that you can recognizing. mitch it is it faith based? it a lot of fate based. i wasn't say a faith movie a dog movie a doing movie and faith movie all three of those things go together i didn't ask you about the dog. what was it like working pluto? pluto is the wonder dog. yeah. yee we used actually a pet train era dog trainer out of utah. her brandy brown. she had an amazing mutt named shilo. u >> how can utahans help? >> you're utah based movie going nationwide. we want to the word out like us on facebook. watch the trailer, sure your trailer love with everybody you know. and let's get the word out nationwide for october. you know those moments that you're like eating popcorn and getting watching trailers and your not, this is one of those that i was doing that i stopped and i, was mesmerized. you will love this, stray movie. wwd stray move. also on facebook everybody. nationwide release coming up on october 6th go to for midday for more information. mitch, i'm crossing my fingers for you another

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