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Waitr Opens Up Opportunities for New Businesses

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Waitr Opens Up Opportunities for New Businesses Video: Waitr Opens Up Opportunities for New Businesses
Waitr Opens Up Opportunities for New Businesses Fri, 18 May 2018 23:00:31 +0000 Waitr Opens Up Opportunities for New Businesses Waitr Opens Up Opportunities for New Businesses KADN 3 ááádanielleáá}well yesterday we told you how the has some hopeful for a tech boom in acadian{áááadamáá} now new-15's carter simoneaux joins us to talk about how waitr's success affects other local businesses [take :carter{ááácarteráá} that's right guys. waitr doesn't only connect you to your favorite also connects you to your local farmers through the non profit acadiana food hub. [take pkgoutcue:this is just a neat way to get it to those consumers.duration:1:16] ááápkgáá}<the success of waitr is trickling down to other companies...leading to innovation in other forms of food service.(super: zack mcmath)"we're at the acadiana food hub which is a non profit to support local farmers and our access to them. so we thought, what better way to give everyone access to local farmers than let's put it on waitr and create a virtual grocery store that just supports local farmers and local producers and have it available to consumers maybe more conviently than maybe saturday morning."having a medium to get fresh produce to the consumer's door is something acadiana food hub relys on.local tech companies with the resources to make that happen are a must for new businesses in a technological world. "we're really fortunate to have waitr in our backyard developing their softwares and everything along side companies like ours so they can better service us and can better service everywhere. and so we're really able to make a big impact here because our tech companies our here. they're building softwares kinda for us because we're their market and we're the closet thing to it." as of right now, food is only available for delivery one day a week...but for local food producers, the newfound connection with food buyers is already proving worthwhile. "this is not a place for just those farmers just to be sold here on wednesday, it's a place to get those farmers out everywhere. this is to those consumers.> [take :carter]{ááácarteráá} to find out more on how zack mcmath and his passionate team are bridging the gap between farmers and consumers you can visit their website at acadiana food hub dot in studio...carter on community.

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