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View on Film - Mission Impossible: Fallout

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Jason Valentine reviews Mission Impossible: Fallout Video: View on Film - Mission Impossible: Fallout
Jason Valentine reviews Mission Impossible: Fallout Sat, 28 Jul 2018 01:46:48 +0000 View on Film - Mission Impossible: Fallout Jason Valentine reviews Mission Impossible: Fallout KVEW 7 p-m tomorrow. welcome have to go back 22 years.......1996 to be exact, for the first mission impossible film starring tom cruise. today.....over two decades later, we get the 6th installment......and kapp kvew's jason valentine returns to let you know if the series is getting a little long in the this week's view on this week's view on film. thanks tori.......i actually have missed the last two mission impossible films.....but i heard they were fun...and i was looking forward to seeing their latest incarnation.....mission impossible fallouton impossible fallouttom cruise returns as superspy ethan hunt......and must stop and international terrorist from getting weapons grade plutonium.....before setting off a disaster that could take out a third of the population.......and he also has to choose between those he loves.....and the mission.this is flat out the best action film since mad max fury road. it is outstanding entertainment that is, and most importantly, exciting. the finale is so well staged and executed, that it had me breathless. tom closer to 60 than to 50, still has what it takes to lead a film like this. plus, he broke his ankle during filming......and that bone breaking stunt made it into the film. the entire cast is great....especially simon pegg as the exasperated computer expert. this is entertainment at its finest......the film is 2 and a half hours long, and it breezes by, barely taking a break for its running time. if you like action, and movies with twists and, don't walk to the movie theater.....mission impossible fallout is a great popcorn movie.

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