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Try It Before You Buy It: Carbon Coco

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Try It Before You Buy It: Carbon Coco Video: Try It Before You Buy It: Carbon Coco
Try It Before You Buy It: Carbon Coco Fri, 17 Feb 2017 01:15:42 +0000 Try It Before You Buy It: Carbon Coco Try It Before You Buy It: Carbon Coco KLAS Las Vegas, NV whites is with high priced dental treatments or painful peroxide? think again. the latest teeth whitening trend involves charcoal ... a tooth brush ... and it's pain free. but does it work? consumer advocate michelle mortensen puts it to the try it before you buy it test. <<< ((michelle mortensen)) charcoal. it's black .. it's messy and now ... and it's the latest way to whiteen your teeth???? ((info: wet the brush .. i'm just going to dab ... and apply it )) ((michelle mortensen)) people all over the world are brushing with something called activated charcoal from carbon cooc ( info: you end up looking like a pirate )) ((michelle mortensen)) it's a fine powder with alleged teeth whittening properties... and much more. (info: but it also pulls out toxins from your body ... )) ((michelle mortensen)) it looks kinda gross... but people seem to love the results. ((info: then you rinse it and it looks so bomb. )) ((michelle: and i'm going to try it before you buy it to see if it really workls or if it is just another scam. )) ((michelle mortensen)) a carbon coco kit comes with acharcoal polisher ... a toothpaste and a special tooth brush. so now all i have to do is brush. (( michelle: oh my gosh) ((michelle mortensen)) and yes ... it's messy. ((michelle: eew )) ((michelle mortensen)) and it does make me look like a dirty pirate ... but ((michelle: it's got no taste )) ((michelle mortensen)) so at least there's that after 2 minutes of brushing... ((michelle: oh dang .. they are looking whiter)) ((michelle mortensen)) it appeared to work ... but it was hard to know for sure ... so i decided to pay my dentitst a visit... dr. thomas gonzales. i had him color match my teeth with his kit. ((dr. gonzales: you seem more like a b2 .. between a b two and a b one )) ((michelle mortensen)) once i knew the exact shade of my teeth ... i went through the long, yuck brushing processes again! and in the end ... ((dr. gonzales: i don't see a huge difference in one application)) nothing changed. but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work with more applications .. so i kept at it. and a week later. ((dr. gonzales: it is pretty close to b1 )) my teeth did get whiter ((dr. gonzales very slightly )) like half a shade whiter. ((michelle: for me that's pretty good ... dr: it's good but i was expecting more. )) dr. gonzales said a traditional teeth whitening kit with peroxide would have given me better results. but it did work... it just didn't give dramatic results. so if you don't mind the mess ... or the extra long brushing sessions ... it might work for you. >>> ((michelle mortensen)) i bought the carbon coco kit on their website for about 60 bucks. dr. gonzales also told me this charcoal trend is taking off ... as colgate is looking at launching it's version of a charcoal toothpaste in the near future. he wasn't in love with it overall ... and i wasn't either honestly ... it makes a huge mess in your bathroom .. and that's a daily annoyance this mom just doesn't need./// ((denise valdez))

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