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The two films you need to see this weekend

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The two films you need to see this weekend Video: The two films you need to see this weekend
The two films you need to see this weekend Fri, 14 Jul 2017 12:24:04 +0000 The two films you need to see this weekend The two films you need to see this weekend KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> haley: welcome back! we have made it to friday. >> tony: we have. >> haley: tony toscano is here. >> tony: i feel like i need to - >> haley: we are discussing a very fabulous movie. one of my favorites. >> tony: the big sick. and you are absolutely right. i give this in "a". this is based on a real-life courtship. this is, this comedian who was born in pakistan who after a one night stand falls in love with this girl and she then gets sick.after goes into a coma and he has to deal with loving her and it is this really interesting human drama but it is romantic at the same time and it is very funny. ray romano, holly hunter in this. this is one of those movies that you really don't want to miss. "the big sick" is all heart, it is touching and it goes way beyond a traditional - as i said, do not pass this up. it is one of your favorite movies of the of mine! this gets in "a", it is rated r. what a great wonderful film. >> haley: what i like is that it is a love story. he ended up getting married and he is playing himself in this. >> tony: based on the true events but he puts a spin on it that is just, just wonderfully funny. do not miss it. >> haley: i laughed a lot in the movie. more so than i have been quite a few others that i have seen so far. then the second one coming out today highly anticipated. >> tony: yes, this is the third chapter in the planet of the apes series, it is called "war for the planet of the apes" this is been so critically acclaimed. caesar and the apes are forced into a conflict of army with humans with a ruthless kernel played by woody harrelson in a very chilling role. after both sides are offering just all of this war and the hell of war, they're trying to come to terms with the colonel doesn't want to have any of it. he is thinking he is saving the human race. and a great statement about war, a great statement about how we as human beings deal with each other through this sci-fi epic and woody does a great job. it is anti-circus that plays caesar the eighth who should be up honestly for an academy award nomination this year. this movie is you know, as sequels go. i'm not a big steeple die but this really does a great job again, to "a"'s. this is rated pg-13. and this will be the number one film this weekend. make it a movie weekend and go see the big sick as well as "war for the planet of the apes" . you will not be disappointed. >> haley: and for "war for the planet of the apes" , i have not seen the others in the sequel. does it stand alone? or do you need to kind of get the back story? >> tony: you really need to see all three but they do a wonderful recap at the very beginning giving a brief look at what happened up until now. but it doesn't take away from the film at all. really, maybe it does stand on its own but it is best to have seen all three films. >> haley: okay well if you have 20 as much as we do give him

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