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Tech Talk 5-17-17

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Tech Talk 5-17-17 Video: Tech Talk 5-17-17
Tech Talk 5-17-17 Wed, 17 May 2017 21:15:23 +0000 Tech Talk 5-17-17 Tech Talk 5-17-17 WAWV ((tom))i have facebook friends and twitter followers. you have them too.((dan))and we've both come by them because people want to be friends or follow us.did you know you can buy friends and followers?but should you do it and is it ethical?<<((dan reynolds reporting:you're a small business or a celebrity looking to build visibility. you're thinking more facebook likes will show my hard work and brand is bigger than it really is.there are websites that will procure likes. you pay them a fee that varies depending on how many fans you want to, mission accomplished. look how many like my business or like me. all you've purchased is empty clout. you'll end up with a high number of likes, but they'll be from people who don't actually like you. they don't know you. you bought them to boost your numbers.if you want a higher number of follows, fine. but if you want people to support your business or genuinely like you, then think twice before paying for likes.same goes for twitter. you can buy followers.thanks to the website fiverr, it's cheaper than ever. the site lets you buy and sell products and services for five dollars. according to gizmodo, you can buy fake twitter followers for yourself and a friend. look at a twitter account that seems to have an unusually large number of followers. you'll find faceless eggs that are non-tweeting fakes.fake followers reveals some things.....about you. you think you're smarter than everyone else. you're deceptive and make no apology for it. you have low self- esteem. you're a before you go artificially pumping up your numbers remember, you're killing your credibility.>>((dan))that last one is most important as misguided twitter users might think this boost is a good idea. it's actually a credibility killer.((tom))i didn't realize that was such a problem.((dan))i had a viewer ask me about this and they pointed to me to a few facebook and twitter accounts. those accounts have an unusual number of likes and followers. ethics and social media.i'll put this story on our wabash valley dot com. click on sections.then lifestyle.and technology matters.look for friends and followers. i'll link it from facebook and twitter too. ((tom))the first

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