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'Talking Pictures' with Tony Toscano

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'Talking Pictures' with Tony Toscano Video: 'Talking Pictures' with Tony Toscano
'Talking Pictures' with Tony Toscano Fri, 20 Oct 2017 12:14:04 +0000 'Talking Pictures' with Tony Toscano 'Talking Pictures' with Tony Toscano KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> brian: welcome back. maybe a good time to catching a movie this weekend.anything good in the box office? >> tony: a good weekend i think there's something for everybody. >> brian: so why not? >> tony: let's start out with a disaster movie. it is called geo storm i give this movie a "b". is about a world where women were with settlers that control the weather but guess what? someone hijacks the satellites and gerard butler, heading a team ofmultinational scientists to stop whoever has the weather control. even though this is somewhat cartoonish and stereotypical of the genre, the film offers up some surprisingly heartfelt moments. i did give it a "c" it is rated pg-13. so if you're into a popcorn thriller, this one might be for you. >> brian: it will keep you entertained. what else? >> tony: the snowman. >> brian: that looks awful. >> tony: this is based on a best-selling novel about an elite crime squad and the detective that leaves it who is investigating a murder. and discovers, he is trying to put these pieces together. this serial killer has been up there for a long time. steve is going way back and putting called cases together and all of that. if you're into the minutia of crime solving a crime, this movie is for you. >> brian: he puts his victims with a snow mask? >> tony: it is very graphic, very gruesome. so you have to watch out for that. but this is one of those films that is slow to boil. but when it comes to the boil, you are at the edge of your seat. i really like this movie. it has a few problems with timing and character development but overall it is a very watchable films. but it is graphic and glory. >> brian: you will like it either way if you like that stuff. >> tony: it is rated r by the way. only the brave, this is when everyone wants to know about. this is based on the true story of the granite mountain hotshots, a group of elite firefighters who risked everything to protect a town from historic wildfire. again, based on a true story. this examines the world of first responders who must rush to the front of the lines of massive fires and provide the means to slow and stop the fires.the film, by paying tribute to his men, may go a little overboard in its cinematic portrait of these guys. >> brian: but you like it? >> tony: it works for this film. it is a touching movie. this gets a "a" and it is rated pg-13. those are the big three coming out this weekend. >> brian: great reviews! if you like to see out that tony likes what

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