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How you can catch this years line up. Video: THE 5TH ANNUAL CAROLINA SURF FILM FESTIVAL
How you can catch this years line up. Tue, 09 Oct 2018 15:52:33 +0000 THE 5TH ANNUAL CAROLINA SURF FILM FESTIVAL How you can catch this years line up. WTAT thank you to the er water runs through the phase that all the natives and transplants alike is serving as a sport that provides an escape from everyday life and helps heal the mind body and soul the carolinas are banding together to celebrate this aquatic tradition during the fifth annual carolina surf film festival. chad davis and chuck gagne are co founders of the festival and they're here with details on this year's stellar lineup ia is the matter and the wealthy for being here and this is a special time of year the surf film festival is always a popular event so i could tell that this year's line up his lineup of got so many good films to see the guy is lead the buffalo from my buddy gabriel know this from brazil and its protests subtitles on it. remember sure it's a really good and i think it is the best thing he's done a lot of really good films and i think this is the best one was killed and result that was filmed polish i bought it from there it was an outright lie that serve dreamland wasn't about gordon qaeda local photographer has just been kind of not really a surf photographer but like he photographs water in very strange like where water in the harbor me and shoot straight up. he did a series on that those amazing and then he got a water housing for his camera and he's like i'm going to make a safe nenek house so dreamy. is this mixture of fiction and nonfiction mostly non fiction the majority of it every now again the feeling there be a little like storyline that they can to make us thus the phone to surf films is you can break some of the rules that you're doing something out of hollywood you could just see a group of friends on a journey more it's a documentary or the hand action yet cuts or point shot for new movies though it there's been quite a few out there. what really differentiates one from the other one to answer that okay sure. yeah i mean as we were kind of touching on some or documentaries. um some are just pure surf where you know it's just eye candy for you in whatever sport you're into when you watch something that has nothing but that sport you're really into it but the fit the camera work is kind of what sets them apart. it's not necessarily the high budget films that are always the best sometimes you get a really talented filmmaker. even if he doesn't have an expensive camera they can do things that grab the audience's attention so i kinda like the more independent films don't get me wrong i love the multi million dollar budgets but sometimes it's that mom and pop team who put it together and it just has a lot of heart. the really be a little bit more creative more imaginative yet and working with what you've got. we know little about that around here the answer to this is to be held over at ray's and ruin the fun of venue that i'm even more about the venue brand of area and a couple months ago but they just like it took them awhile to get started in everything they remove dams on the dead kind of a bottleneck right on the other side of the freeway from the skate park and just great people. the brewers are just such amazing people in on forever. they're just so happy that got a spot that's going to allow them to grow and has good size is one of the biggest breweries that i've seen in charleston whether that is that its alfresco see you've got a big screen how big is that twenty five fee twenty five it's great that they can hang outside in and you can bring your own blankets chairs will be providing some seats for people right next one will have some margarita if everybody with deep edited some stuff with the luna sol and make a turn around and i have hamburgers tacos all the funds that people bring in their food as well should buy the what would you want to bring it with the one to be the good point very good cells i lost the details at this is the fifth annual carolina surf film festival is happening october twelve through the thirteenth that reason brewing company and make sure

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