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Spokane's first dinner-and-a-movie theater opening Thursday

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KXLY 4's Nikki Torres reports. Video: Spokane's first dinner-and-a-movie theater opening Thursday
KXLY 4's Nikki Torres reports. Fri, 05 Oct 2018 00:22:43 +0000 Spokane's first dinner-and-a-movie theater opening Thursday KXLY 4's Nikki Torres reports. KXLY planning your next date night? you might want to listen to this. a new movie theater has come to the area... and it's not just your soda-and-popcorn cinema. our nikki torres has been working for you. she's out in airway heights at one of the newest movie venues in town. nikki? nadine... if you're looking for something to do for a birthday, celebration, or really just a night out -- you have a new option. the m and d theater... aptly named for movie and dinner.. is the first of its kind in spokane. according to the owner, this place is all about convenience. you've got your've got your've got everything you need for a perfect movie night. only at this movie theater... instead of waiting in line... it all comes straight to you. owner, larry jacobson has spent years building cinemas all around the world... for other companies.but this time, m and d theater is for him. 23:28:21 (sot/larry jacobson/m & d theater, owner)("all the bells and whistles, built with no limitations - built it the way that i wanted to do it.") 05 and he did.he designed all eight theaters. 23:27:36 (sot/larry jacobson/m & d theater, owner)("large auditorium's got 90 seats, 42-foot screen. anywhere else you go, you'd need a 250-seat auditorium to house a 42-foot screen. it;s gorgeous.") 08he made sure the theater was built comfortably for a full house.23:27:45(sot/larry jacobson/m & d theater, owner) ("perfect screen curvature, it's made for the audience to see.") 05completed it with a place to sit down and eat. 23:28:36(sot/larry jacobson/m & d theater, owner)("you want to have dinner, we have a separate restaurant - full blown, full menu, scratch menu.") 06if you want dinner áand your movie... you can do that too.23:28:53(sot/larry jacobson/m & d theater, owner) ("but you come into the theaters, you get sliders. everything is made to eat finger food. cause you're not going to rattle any silverware or things like that. ) 06 jacobson's whole idea for the theater is simple - convenience. 23:29:21 (sot/larry jacobson/m & d theater, owner)("you can sit in your chair, push a little button, a server will come to you, they'll take your order.") 05 tonight is opening night for m and d - they'll be showing venom and a star is born. the theater is open to all ages. you can find movie times on their website. we asked the owner what he recommends on the menu -- being a kansas city native, he said the k-c barbecue is the best they offer. live in airway heights, nikki torres, kxly-4 news.

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