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Social Media Mistakes with Comedian Natasha Leggero

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Social Media Mistakes with Comedian Natasha Leggero Video: Social Media Mistakes with Comedian Natasha Leggero
Social Media Mistakes with Comedian Natasha Leggero Thu, 16 Feb 2017 12:25:10 +0000 Social Media Mistakes with Comedian Natasha Leggero Social Media Mistakes with Comedian Natasha Leggero KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City by actress, writer and stand-up comedian natasha leggero. she's giving us some tips on the smartest and most charming ways to improve how we talk online. good morning, natasha. hi, good morning. so, what are we doing wrong? well i don't know what you're doing wrong, in particular, but i have noticed some trends happening on instagram. i don't know if you noticed, yesterday was valentine's day. way too many posts of peoples lovers, boyfriends, husbands. i don't remember it being like that before. we're definitely oversharing. um, the food posts i find really annoying. i get it, 5 years ago we were really like into taking pictures of things when instagram just came out -- but it's been out for a while now. no one wants to see your food post. the worst thing that's happening right now, i think, are the workout posts, right? i mean...who...i see these people, they're in full hair and makeup, they're at the gym. they must be like stopping the workout to ask the trainer to take a picture. it's like always of their butt, and it's always some angle. like, i saw one of mariah carey yesterday -- she's in full hair and makeup, she's like on a stairmaster in fishnet, just like -- who's taking this picture? very concerning. so we've got a lot of things. we're running the gammit here. we've got food that are a problem, couples are a problem, and apparently problems at the gym are a problem. so, uh... i mean, those are annoying, right? well, what do we do? how do you help us out? well, i've teamed up with straight talk and i've made a series of videos that you can see on straight talks youtube channel -- sort of illustrating all of these pet peeves. um, so, yeah one thing you can do is...straight talk and with the partnership we're just trying to make it so that people are getting content that is worth their data. we're in a time that everyone is using their phone all the time and things are clogging your feed. with straight talk, they offer plans that have no, um, no contracts. and they have nationwide coverage and the nation's best networks and they have tons of different data plans to fit your lifestyle. sounds good. well, we all need a little straight talk in our life, right? and apparently we have a lot of ways that we can improve the way we're talking, so, give me something here before we go. what's the best way to share good content? um, i think you just have to be mindful of what you're putting out there. you know, if you don't usually post about politics, maybe don't post about politics. especially if there are of a certain persuasion... and you just sort of have to be aware of what you're posting i think. natasha, i think we've got some ideas to work with there. thanks for being with us this morning. if we want to get more information about upcoming projects you're working on, where do we go? uh, you can go to my twitter,, or my instagram: natasha's all natasha leggero. and, yeah, i'll try to give you regular posts that aren't boring. i'm not posting my workout -- well, i don't workout, so that's probably... all right, and of course, naturally we'll check out straight talk wireless as well. natasha leggero. i've got some ideas that i might need to correct with my own posting on twitter and instagram. thanks for being with us this morning. okay, bye. we

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