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SJVC new campus

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The new campus in Porterville offers certificates in medical assistance and business administration. Video: SJVC new campus
The new campus in Porterville offers certificates in medical assistance and business administration. Tue, 14 Mar 2017 22:35:48 +0000 SJVC new campus The new campus in Porterville offers certificates in medical assistance and business administration. KSEE kids trying to keep up in a demanding world. >> alex: siestas are the way to go. we need one of those.speaking it's never too late to get started on a great career. and if you're interested in the medical field or business administration, then we've got a great opportunity for you. san joaquin valley college is opening new campuses all throughout the central valley. and they're offering programs that aren't even a yearlong. they even guarantee job placement assistance once you graduate and will accommodate your busy schedule with morning and evening classes. here with all the details is adriana, the campus director. how are you? do you guys have nap pods, or maybe in the future getting some? >>> maybe in the future. [laughter] >> alex: but you've got a lot of other things going on at your campus there. tell us more about the new campus that just openedp in porte porterville, is tha right? >>> that is correct. we have scheduled to have our students start taking classes on may 15th. just around the corner. >> alex: wow, i'll bet they're excited. >>> yes. >> alex: what if there are students still kind of thinking about registering? is there still time to register? how often do classes start, like a new batch of classes. >>> after may 15th, classes will be starting every five weeks. >> alex: okay. so you didn't miss the boat if you didn't register this time around. >>> not at all. >> alex: that's good to know. all right. so let's talk about the type of degree and certificates you offer. one being medical assisting. what does that entail? >>> basically, we are offering the medical assisting certificate. students will be able to complete that in as little as seven months. students will be learning skills such as taking vital signs, giving injections. just a great field. >> alex: all right. so you also give those people opportunities to work in medical offices as well, right? >>> that is correct. students can enroll in our medical office program. and in that program they learn front office procedures, billing, insurance claims, medical records management. it's more of the administrative side of healthcare. >> alex: wow. are there a lot of jobs in this field available right now here in the central valley? >>> absolutely. people get sick all the time. they're always in need. >> alex: okay, and what about the business administration? >>> all three programs in our porterville campus will be certificate programs. so that includes our business administration program. it is very unique because it's actually a hybrid program. the students will take both online classes as well as classes there at the campus. >> alex: oh, okay. and the other unique part about the program is that it actually offers three concentrations. so students are able to choose which concentration they want to focus on. so they can either choose to focus on business management, retail management or business accounting. >> alex: okay, so let's say you want to open up a business and you want to be an entrepreneur. would you go and get your business management degree? >>> sure. >> alex: okay, okay. and retail management is for maybe those that are looking to be store managers? >>> sure. with retail management, graduates are qualified to work as retail managers, supervisors. more in the retail management field. >> alex: got it. so the programs are approximately seven a month. there's really no excuse for people sitting at home and have no jobs. this is perfect. it sounds like you really work with everyone's schedule. >>> that's correct. so we'll be offering classes both in the morning and in the evening. >> alex: okay, okay. >>> so that way there's a lot of options available. >> alex: what about tuition? let's talk about tuition. how much can people expect these courses to go for? >>> it just really depends. each program varies. we do have tuition assistance available for them to qualify. >>> you also have job placement asistance, which is so helpful once you graduate. because you have this great certificate, a great degree. and then you don't know what to do or where to go. so you lead them in the right direction. >>> that is correct. all of our campuses have a career services department. that's where we partner with our students to help them dress for an interview, interview techniques, mock interviewing. it's a great opportunity for students to learn and go out there and get a job. >> alex: fantastic. you're located at 314 north main street in porterville. so it's right there on the main drag, right? main street. the number 853-4114. and the website like i said, no excuse, everybody. get your education now. 853-4114. plenty of jobs available.

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