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PA Live: Movie Guy Jeff Boam September 8, 2017

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Our movie guy Jeff Boam is here to tells us about new movies this weekend. Video: PA Live: Movie Guy Jeff Boam September 8, 2017
Our movie guy Jeff Boam is here to tells us about new movies this weekend. Fri, 08 Sep 2017 20:36:56 +0000 PA Live: Movie Guy Jeff Boam September 8, 2017 Our movie guy Jeff Boam is here to tells us about new movies this weekend. WBRE >> the creepy clown could conjure up big scares at the box office. >> movie guy jeff boam is here with details on it and other new releases to hit theaters. >> great to see you both. >> all right, so talk to us about "it" it's been a very anticipated movie. >> well, the balloons must have worked because people are tracking, the movie is tracking excellently for this weekend. hollywood really needs a hit after a sluggish box office summer. here we have stephen king, most popular books coming to the screen again. actually came to the 13458 screen in the '80s, a two-part mini series. and now we have them re-examining a group of kids who are plagued by a demonic clown, pennywise is the clown, a classic stephen king villain. people are really hoping that, the director gets it right because stephen king, for every shining you have, you have a lawn mower man t is give and take with stephen king but i'm happy to say the critics are loving this movie thus far, for the most part. >> i think social media is loving this movie as well. have i seen the trailer shared so many times on social media, which you don't see with movies. >> i will just say as well, that i never saw the original. >> i don't like looking at it, it scares me. >> i knew it was coming out and wasn't excited but between seeing all the social media stuff and people talking about it, and the reviews, i'm hearing some people say that this could really redefine the horror genre. >> there has been a lot of great horror movies over the last couple of years, stephen king, a source of great material, his books are all about heart at the base of them, this is a group of kids and critics are saying these actors who play the kids are really the heart of the movie and drive it even though the horror is also there in spades, of course. >> we'll see how it pans out. it looks like it could be a big weekend. those that like the romantic come dea t is like a reese weatherspoon staple. >> this one is better for me, i am not going to see t but i like the reese weatherspoon. >> the thing about this move wree, reiss reese weatherspoon has been down this home before, sweet home alabama, numerous other movies but here she is returning to her home in los angeles with her kids after separating from her husband. and you know, you find three young filmmakers who need a place to stay, there you go, there is the formula for the romantic comedy. but critics are saying despite this great cast andrews weatherspoon, candice bergen, and a number of other players, lake bell as well. they are saying they just don't quite bring the magic and gives into cliche a the lo. and actually it has been hailey miers-- who actually is the daughter of nancy meyers, was and is made movies such as it's complicated, so you know, you are hoping to pass that down and certainly i was hoping for a good romantic comedy but critics aren't hot on it as of yet. >> definitely a chick flick for this weekend. >> yes, definitely the counterprogramming to "it." >> yes, absolutely. >> but i love reese weatherspoon so i know a lot of people, she is a big draw for people an option for scary, and the romantic comedy. you deliver no matter what

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