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PA Live: Movie Guy Jeff Boam October 20, 2017

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Our PA Live Movie Guy Jeff Boam is here to tell us about this week’s new movies Video: PA Live: Movie Guy Jeff Boam October 20, 2017
Our PA Live Movie Guy Jeff Boam is here to tell us about this week’s new movies Fri, 20 Oct 2017 20:35:40 +0000 PA Live: Movie Guy Jeff Boam October 20, 2017 Our PA Live Movie Guy Jeff Boam is here to tell us about this week’s new movies WBRE have to be. all right, well, it's time to talk some movies. tyler perry polls a hit and run in boo 2, madea halloween, latest in the line of movies. >> speaking of vampire vij lantee violence, this tha is the best segue. >> great weg which. >> i love vampire diaries 6789 you people must be cuz you get really into it, and you know, you know how when you are watching netflix it becomes like rel life so they must be. they need to turn it off. >> tell us about some of the bigger povies. >> this weekend we have boo 2 which is tallly the latest in tyler perry's universe of movies, usually they involve mada tyler perry made this character. look. these films are never going to be for critics, they are made for their audiences which really envoy these movies an come out and see them again and again. have i enjoyed a number of these movies. and madea certainly always brings a laugh for people. and as you see hear, this is a followup to the first boo a madea halloween. i don't hi it needs much of a setup. >> there are so many movies like this, the tyler perry. >> he has quite an empire. >> and i have never seen a single one. >> never. >> they are funny, right, i should watch them. >> they are funny. they certainly have their moments. >> and what about geostorm. >> geostorm is a disaster movie. and you know, critics are saying yeah, that is an apt title disaster movie. critics are not liking it, starring gerard butler. he fund out that the earth's satellites which actually lack at the climate are going wonky. and why is this, of course. the title of the movie is geostorm. he is on a race against time and so the director of this is dean deflynn who is usually producers on movies of this magnitude that do better than this but audiences have seen this before. apparent leigh the visual affects aren't that fantastic that is the big thing, you need movies like this. >> it looks really good. >> i like gerard butler. i would have seen this, unfortunately i think we'll call off geostorm. >> bummer. >> i think i will will still see it. i love movies lick that. >> yes. and now only the brave is the other one, a busy weekend at the box office. only the brave stars josh brolin, a true story about some brave firefighters, based on true events. and it's not the most complicated setup, it is based on real events but it is proving semipopular with critics thus far. they are saying it really rings true in and the performances are ringing true as well. if you want a rousing story about some firefighting heroics, certainly they deserve all of our respect and love here say movie that looks to get it right. >> this say disturbing movie. or looks disturbing. the snowman. we have to talk about it. >> what are you hearing. >> a lot of press has been give tone the snowman and rightly show because it stars michael fassbender, a hot actor. he's gotten nominations up the wazoo and produced by martin scorsese. directed by tom alfredsson who directed let the right one in and tinker tailer soldier spy but this great confluence of talent you would think it would be fantastic. critic ares saying uh-huh. it is about a crime organization that wants to solve a decades old murder, is not worth your time f fact it melts quickly. hate to use such a terrible pun. >> i love your terrible puns. >> thank you. you can keep me around i guess for another couple. reviews, but snowman is not getting the reviews that people were hoping it would with all that talent. >> it seems like a lot of the movies aren't getting great reviews, are the critics being harsh or are these movies not good. >> they, people don't really need them to begin with but once in a while they do have a nugget of good information and we did like movies like blade runners an others out there now. they are tracking well for the weaks to come so there are movies critics do like. this might be a holdover weekend for a lot of people. certainly they say we will probably get this weekend again unless tyler perry has a good shot. >> we have to go see this film. we'll be the critic and let you know how it is. >> i appreciate it. >> thanks

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