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Loper Report: Smallfoot, Night School

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News 3 Film Critic Wil Loper reviews the films "Smallfoot" and "Night School." Video: Loper Report: Smallfoot, Night School
News 3 Film Critic Wil Loper reviews the films "Smallfoot" and "Night School." Mon, 01 Oct 2018 21:18:36 +0000 Loper Report: Smallfoot, Night School News 3 Film Critic Wil Loper reviews the films "Smallfoot" and "Night School." WISC "then i saw it. a mythical creature i had only heard existed in legend. look at your small foot. oh my gosh it's a smallfoot! no come back!" "no you didn't." "yeah i did." "no." "i did." "no." "i saw it." "it doesn't exist. get this ridiculous story and tell the truth." "i am telling the truth!" (gasp) -- mark -- that was a clip from "smallfoot", one of the newest movies to be spotted in theaters -- susan -- should you make the journey to the theater to see it? here to let us know is our film critic, wil loper -- wil -- young audiences will have a blast with "smallfoot", there's plenty of funny antics and a fast paced story without being weighed down too heavily with its deeper messages of accepting those who are different than us. channing tatum voices migo, who sees a human, or a smallfoot as they're known to the village of yetis, and tries to tell everyone they exist. the chief of the village says migo is lying, banishes him, so what's a sasquatch to do but go and find the human to prove he's telling the truth. of course this means falling down a mountain getting hit by every rock and tree along the way, and much of the movie involves yetis getting hit in the face by one thing or another. and if my theater is any evidence of what kids like seeing, it's a yeti getting hit in the face with a tree. the 90 minute runtime goes by quickly, it's not too heavy handed, it's not pixar, but if you need something to keep little ones entertained, "smallfoot" will more than do the job. 3 yetis from "monster's inc" out of 5. if we're comparing animated movie yetis, pixar wins next up: "night school" "teaching the conventional just isn't gonna get it done." "why are we in th ring?" "what is the square root of 81?" "what?" "what's the square root of 81?" "i don't know know." "square root, what is it?" kevin hart loses his job he's had since dropping out of high school, and in order to keep his girlfriend thinking he's a success, must go to night school to get his ged. tiffany haddish plays his teacher, who seems harsh to the students, but she really just wants them to succeed. kevin hart's character just wants the easy way, so he does everything he can to avoid the work, including trying to steal the test. this movie is about as generic and predictable as it gets, the jokes are more miss than hit, and despite all of kevin hart's manic energy, nobody should have given this script a pass. what's your rating? 2 tiffany haddishes out of 5. she was the breakout star of last years girls trip, and deserves better than this. next week? 'a star is born' thanks wil

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