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Loper Report: 'Rampage,' 'Truth or Dare'

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News 3's Wil Loper reviews "Rampage" and "Truth or Dare" on Live at Four. Video: Loper Report: 'Rampage,' 'Truth or Dare'
News 3's Wil Loper reviews "Rampage" and "Truth or Dare" on Live at Four. Mon, 16 Apr 2018 21:17:35 +0000 Loper Report: 'Rampage,' 'Truth or Dare' News 3's Wil Loper reviews "Rampage" and "Truth or Dare" on Live at Four. WISC 500 gained 21. "where's george, i need to see him." "he is dangerous." "we're going to die!" "probably!" "we've crea the next chapter in natural selection. project rampage works." "got another one of you science experiments running around." "what do you mean another one?" "incoming!" "of course the wolf flies." that was a clip from "rampage", one of the newest movies to smash into theaters. is it worth riding a flying wolf to the theater to see? here to let us know is our film critic, wil loper big, dumb, but not much fun, 'rampage' will satisfy your hunger for giant apes throwing tanks at giant wolves, but beyond that, it's pretty darn dull. dwayne the rock johnson stars as a primatologist whose best friend george gets exposed to gene manipulating chemicals and grows into king kong. meanwhile, a wolf and gator get the same treatment, and the rock has to figure out how to stop them before they destroy all of chicago. this movies comes from an arcade game in which players play one of the animals destroying everything in sight, and that's about as deep as this movie goes as well. it also takes itself way too seriously for something so ridiculous, something like this needs to have way more fun. there are better giant animals destroying movies out there, go see them instead. what's your rating? 2.6 king kongs out of 5. next up: "truth or dare" "carter said tell the truth or you die, do the dare or you die." "refuse to play, and you die." i think i found out the best way to play this game. i dare you not to see this movie, because the truth is absolutely awful. the writing, the acting, the plot, everything is atrocious. you know the story, a group of bland teens plays a game, i suppose i should give the movie props for it not being a ouija board this time around, there's an evil spirit, and one by one they all start dying in gruesome ways. this is the worst movie of 2018 so far, it's the worst movie i've seen in a very long time, don't dare anyone to see it because that's way too harsh a dare. what's your rating? 0.5 creepy old man from the hospital out of 5, it was the only thing in the movie that slightly bordered on scary. thanks wil next week? 'i feel pretty', the newest comedy from amy schumer. it's a program that's helping hundreds of under-privileged students learn how to

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