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Keep Your Home Safe and Secure!

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Keep Your Home Safe and Secure! Video: Keep Your Home Safe and Secure!
Keep Your Home Safe and Secure! Fri, 14 Jul 2017 21:00:00 +0000 Keep Your Home Safe and Secure! Keep Your Home Safe and Secure! KAMR >> from kamr local 4, with meaghan collier and andy justus, this is "studio 4." >> andy: hello. it is friday, july 14th. it's also bastille day, so viva la france. listen up, hunter hadley is here with us from best buy to get you home smart and to get it safe. you have brought... >> i have a plethora of things. a lot of things we've got at the store, we've got some new security systems. so come in and check those out. we're getting them into the store some be aware of those. so most people, what they do when they want to secure their home, add cameras. that's an easy way. you may not be able to do anything about it, but you can have 'em on camera. >> andy: i've got 'em on my house. i'm in the smart enough to hook these up, so i call all state. just hook this up, help me out. but if you're tech savvy, you can do this. >> these are great cameras. these have been around for a little bit. arlo, they're completely wireless. so there's no wire to my hard drive. there's no wire. they are battery powered. these here are actually going to be rechargeable batteries. there are some you can use disposable batteries, but they're going toward the wireless and the rechargeable. but the cool one, i brought this one. the cool one is this one. this is the arlo go. this is great for like this area because we've got a lot of ranchers and farmers. this one does not run off of wifi. this has a 4g connection that you can have added to your phone plan. so you can set this up out on the ranch, make sure that your water troughs are full, make sure that nobody is hurting your horses in your barn, things like that. that's a really cool option. rechargeable battery. everything is huge. you'll get a lot of life out of it. arlo is great. >> andy: and it's basically only using it when it senses something, and then it turns on, starts recording that. goes through a cloud system. you can access that cloud. these start at $119. >> andy: move into nest. we've heard about nest, the thermostat, the house, takes care of it, but now it goes into security. >> the nest cams are great. i own the nest cam. they came out with the outdoors, which i have here on the bottom, which are great cameras, full 1080p resolution, you can talk through them, you listen through them, and they send you notifications immediately when something moves in your home, things like that, awesome, awesome little... >> i have had this. i love this. if you haven't heard about rings. you need the really look into this. i love it. i can be here into work, somebody rings my doorbell, i know about it. >> automatic notification. you can see who is at your door. you can record who is at your door, an you can talk to them become and forth. >> andy: i've done that. i said, i'm unable to come to the door. can't come that. that's great, leave that on the floor. >> i'm come get it. this is the ring doorbell 2. it's actually... this one you can use with batteries or you can hard wire it into your home some if you want the hard wire it. you can use the pro. >> andy: this is something both of us want. >> this is something that me and you as well want. ring just came out with these. this is the floodlight cam. so on the back of your home, or in the front, i'm sure you can put it in the front if you wanted to. >> andy: i had my truck broken into a new year's ago. i was so mad. >> most people have floodlights on their garage doors. this is a great add-on. you can add two flood lamps on it. it has the camera that will pick up motion, turn the lights on and start recording, as well. that's a great new item. >> andy: you got to lock it up tight. this will definitely get the job done. tell me about the smartwatch. >> so august smart home lock is a great little option if you want to be able to have access to your home or let people have access to your home without them having a key. so you put this on the inside of your door. it fits on the inside. so the front of the door does not look any different. you can use the keton front, but you can connect that to your phone, to your wifi, and you can open your door lock from anywhere in the world. >> andy: you're working a double shift and you need somebody to let ranger out... get it done. ranger getting his first shout-out on television. >> that's right, that's right. >> andy: cutest puppy in the world. our final piece here? >> we round it up with nest. nest started this whole home automated revolution some what we have there is smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector. so you can actually put these directly on where your smoke detectors on now, and instead of using alarms, they use... there's an automated voice that will tell you where the fire is at. it will tell you where the fire is at. it will tell you how to get away from it. that's mostly for kids. kids respond better to voices instead of the alarms. they tend to freak out, so the voice is a lot better to them to respond to. >> andy: so you're telling me you already have, and you've already got one of these in your home? >> i already have a nest cam in my home. it's great. keep an eye on the dog, make sure that nobody is breaking in the house and things like that. and if i'm there and somebody is there, i can talk to them. hey, what's going on? get what you need and get out. >> andy: and we have the same thing at our house. we have security cameras on the outside. so at any time right here i can pull up my phone over there. i can look at the patio, i can look at the driveway. >> there are tons and tons of options at best buy alone. >> andy: technology is going crazy. if you don't know and you need a little navigation through that system, go see my system hunter hadley over at best buy. we call him blue santa around here. but we definitely call him a friend. check him out over. there coming up on the show today, nothing goes with science like a good adult beverage. that's what our friends from the discovery center tell us anyway. we'll show you how you can get in on the fun. then the amarillo zoo is celebrating the slithering four-tongue critters of the animal kingdom. we're talking snakes. oh, my goodness. look at that. that's going to be in just a minute. i'm perspiring. later, fiesta texas has been invaded by a giant knew tantd spider. they need your help getting rid of it. details on the newest thrill ride. don't

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