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Katherine Kauffman Psychic Medium

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Our guest, Katherine Kauffman, psychic medium, gives a live reading on the show! Video: Katherine Kauffman Psychic Medium
Our guest, Katherine Kauffman, psychic medium, gives a live reading on the show! Mon, 09 Apr 2018 16:47:46 +0000 Katherine Kauffman Psychic Medium Our guest, Katherine Kauffman, psychic medium, gives a live reading on the show! WTVQ Lexington, KY minute, i'm mary moloney. c1 3 psychic medium....kathryn kauffman... she's here to discuss the finer points of being a medium.. welcome to the show guest: kathryn kauffman title: psychic medium company: kathryn kauffman phychic medium and paranormal expert. topic: lexingtons top rated physic kathryn is a full time professional psychic medium and paranormal expert, located in lexington ky since 2013. featured as a headline in 2014 by the lexington herald leader. working in the paranormal and psychic field for 30 years, kathryn has helped many kentucky families with hauntings and other paranormal events. providing local and international readings via skype and other video chat services. kathryn also hosts a live talk show every monday night at 7pm est. her youtube channel has all the past shows and how-to video's for learning about your psychic abilities. she has a published book on kindle titled "banishment of negativity" and deck of oracle cards designed by her on her website. kathryn offers a free 3 card reading on facebook every friday at 9am, and a daily free astrological influence forecast. kathryn teaches meditation and has designed a meditation app on google play store titled "the mental cocktail lounge". 1. what exactly is a psychic medium? 2. how do psychic readings work? 3. where did you learn c1 3 and extra ability they have oka interesting old were you when you discovered that you have a similar four years old four years old and how did it happen, what did you ask sitting in my room and i heard the room breathing and has a for your to myself i maybe listening to myself breathing that possibility. so what i did was i held my breath to see if i still heard it afterwards and i did and then i geared out there was another entity in the room with me. i wasn't alone and i have to ask with it a friendly and it was my grandmother really interesting is you four years old discovering this and i'm sure you had other episodes of the is got ongoing how did you know cultivate that into your career today. a lot of research and upon physics when i was seen in 16 i ran a lot on that take try to explain how this ability works and this these abilities. you just have to distending test them i think testing yourself with you know validator's is the best way to make sure that it's not imagination and that it is an actual ability while know you are very very busy you i you to got facebook tell us about some of the other mediums that you're using in order to help other with the right i do a free reading on facebook every single friday and the results from that are posted at 4 o'clock on friday afternoon to cut the cards that i'm using are from the fund friday reading i did another reading on you to fridays afternoon is a weekly projection. i also have their daily planetary influence that post every single day on how the moon affects you you know what you can expect for the days again and again as he can be bad. i also have a live talkshow on monday night and tonight redoing a remote show at is the crazy about gemstone healing waters and i have that i haven't avenue it's a meditation and called the mental can't tell lounge and so i am i stay busy all the time i did nothing. you are very busy and do the readin okay and one okay i need to pic a card just any cardio and i made it out. i this card says o it your guardian angel is around you at this time pay heed to the signs coming your way okay so the signs that you want to protect really pay attention to our numbers because numbers are the most easy thing that spirit used to communicate with a high so this again and the sequentia numbers like 33355 so this again and the sequential numbers like 333555333-555-1111 things that jump out at you you get really want to pay attention to those you want to get a reference on how to evaluate the numerology behind that how interesting okay next card a has kindred spirit like-minded. that means that you may have been feeling really isolated lately yeah and it's time to reconnect with people of like mind and let it does is it rejuvenates the energy of your spirit when you can sit down and talk to somebody who's of like mine who gets you who understand right right and very three very last one and we have to be quick special special can't read it okay special ability

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