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Is Disney's Cars 3 a hit?

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Is Disney's Cars 3 a hit? Video: Is Disney's Cars 3 a hit?
Is Disney's Cars 3 a hit? Fri, 16 Jun 2017 12:24:13 +0000 Is Disney's Cars 3 a hit? Is Disney's Cars 3 a hit? KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> brian: it's friday and that means new movies are in theaters peers of course tony toscano has more for us. p7 there are a lot of movies this weekend. we only had a chance to screen three of them. >> brian: i think a lot of people go see one of the three. >> tony: let's start with 47 meters down. this is the new site will be. >> brian: it was interesting! >> tony: it looks like interesting but once you see it, you have seen it. >> brian: okay. why is it subpar? >> tony: i give it a "c". it's actually very average. your two sisters vacationing, they get talked into going down in a shark cage is a real great whites. which number one, don't do that! >> brian: i have done that but >> tony: don't do it at home folks. secondly, when the cable snacks because it's an old rickety cage, they plummet all the way down to the bottom of the ocean 47 meters down. and they are trapped there. okay, that should give you some really good drama. however, it just turns into a budget people doing a bunch of stupid things that you would not normally do when you're surrounded by great whites. things like i don't know, jumping into the nest of great whites! and just dealing with sharks that way. >> brian: so the unbelievable factor is too high. >> tony: yes. and i give it a "c", is rated pg-13. it has some things that what you say okay but not enough to make it consistently good. >> brian: is get to the next one so we can do the big one. >> tony: this is the book of henry about a single mother raising a child genius. this is the tagline for it, but it is not really. i give it a "d" as you can plainly see, because it does approach some really heavy subjects. but it approaches them with such a cavalier and condescending attitude. things like child abuse, pediatric cancer. pstuff like that that i was jus shocked at how and evenly this was done. >> brian: just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. >> tony: very cavalier. not with the movie should be or that they are preaching it to gets a "d" and it is rated pg-13. >> brian: and the big one! >> tony cars three, the disney is popular installment of their series of films. starring owen wilson, army hammer and nathan filion. not so good. >> brian: it has to be better than to! >> tony: this movie is great! i give it a "a" it bring the franchise back up. they have some great moments in it and lightning mcqueen is a winner. but in such a different way, i really think this was disney talking about these generations that we have from baby boomers to millennial's, they're talking about how you see yourself no matter what generations you are in. and all of the generation you can do to make yourself better or feel good about yourself. so that is why it got and "a". it is a very wonderful film to watch. my pick for the weekend by the way if you're with your family and all of that, go see it. >> brian: i think a lot of people see it by anyway. >> tony: and they brought back paul newman as doc hudson. i was happily surprised. >>

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