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Ice fishing still in early season conditions

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Fish and Game Officers say winter is slowing down ice fishing conditions in the Magic Valley. Video: Ice fishing still in early season conditions
Fish and Game Officers say winter is slowing down ice fishing conditions in the Magic Valley. Mon, 08 Jan 2018 05:01:10 +0000 Ice fishing still in early season conditions Fish and Game Officers say winter is slowing down ice fishing conditions in the Magic Valley. KMVT CBS 11 2 what a difference a year can make. 2 normally in early january... ice is inches thick... 2 but ice fishing in idaho is still in early season conditions... 2 good evening and thanks for being with us tonight. 2 i'm amy reid. 2 this late start is hurting one local resort. 2 we'll get into that in just a minute... but first let's talk conditions. 2 2 wildlife officers tell us anglers are getting a little frustrated with the conditions... 2 this time last year there was plenty of ice for people to go out on... 2 this year so far there's a lot of open water... 2 they encourage people not to get too impatient... 2 still make sure ice is thick enough before you go out... 2 it's better if the ice is clear rather than white... 2 wildife officers also encourage people to go in pairs and tell someone where you're going... 2 after that... we just have to wait for it to get really cold... 2 "really what we need are the real extended cold nights. so we need nighttime temperatures to drop down closer to zero in the teens or tens and let that happen for about two weeks straight." 2 fish and game officers tell us there are some areas that the ice is thick enough... 2 as far as the fishing... they say it'll be a pretty good year... 2 once the water freezes... 2 and one popular fishing spot isn't an exception to the lack of ice... 2 jeffrey dahdah visited west magic today to get a look at the water... 2 well amy there's fish at west magic... but not much ice... 2 that's even huring some business at the resort there... 2 nats 2 normally this time of year don harmon's making a whole lot more drinks... 2 well i shouldn't say normal... 2 "it's never normal, what is normal is it's never the same..." 2 okay... but a lot of years at west magic resort... there are more people fishing by january... 2 because the reservoir would be frozen over... 2 2 "it's got us in the middle right now because normally you have slow spot between boating and fishing, and that slow spot has widened, so our business here is substantially slower..." 2 hartman's the surface freeze as early as october... 2 then again he's seen it as late as february too... 2 last year... 2 "we were inundated with snow and ice and everything..." 2 which meant an abunance of anglers as customers kept them busy... 2 "of course if there's not much ice, or any ice, you can't exactly walk out there and set up. but just because there's no ice, that doesn't mean you can't go fishing." 2 nats 2 i ran in to these two who had a pretty good day... 2 "right out on the boat ramp, you just go out and cast it." 2 even if they are more acustom to fishing on ice this time of year. 2 2 "we'd be on the ice here with probably 18 to 20 inches of snow on top of the ice and the ice would be probably 18 to 20 inches thick..." 2 not this year though... 2 "this year has been very different." 2 but they've still been fishing... and even getting a drink after... 2 and don's happy to see them... 2 "we're still open five days a week..." 2 ice or not... 2 but... he's pretty confident there will be ice sooner or later... 2 "oh it'll freeze... give it a little more time." 2 now there is ice at the northern part of the reservoir... 2 i've been told there are plenty of people fishing there...

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