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Heading to The Movies This Weekend? Read This First

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Heading to The Movies This Weekend? Read This First Video: Heading to The Movies This Weekend? Read This First
Heading to The Movies This Weekend? Read This First Fri, 17 Feb 2017 13:13:13 +0000 Heading to The Movies This Weekend? Read This First Heading to The Movies This Weekend? Read This First KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City abc 4 utah, "good morning utah". >> it's friday. and that means new movies are out in theatres. so tony toscano is here to tell us which ones are good and which aren't. >> yes. we're going to start in kind of a weird order here. there's three movies being released today. >> you have all sorts of grades on these. >> let's start with a movie called a cure for wellness. in the film, an ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company's ceo from this mysterious wellness center in the swiss alps. but he soon discovers there's more than meets the eye in this place. >> which is not a transformers movie. >> it's not. this is directed by gover benski who has been responsible for the pirates movie. this film starts to feel like alfred hitchcock. it has thrills. it's full of suspense. q. you like it? >> i do. it's kind of going to be a cult movie, i think. similar to -- you know the movie the lobster. i guess you don't. >> i remember that one. >> it was released last year, but people are starting to discover it i think this movie will be discovered with it hits dvd. has a problem at the end. the end turns silly. but i gave it a b. and it cs rated r. >> now that one worth watching. this next one maybe not so much. >> fist fight. a school teacher gets another school teacher fired. he's challenged to a fist fight. that's bay slickly the entire plot of this film. >> why is it so bad? >> first of all, it's just unnecessary. it is forced comedy at the very best. and they're using the crudest humor possible. a lot of -- i hated this movie. i gave it an f. that's rarely. you rarely give an f. >> this year i will give more fs that in the previous years. >> it's been that kind of year? >> so far. it's only february. it's rated r. >> an finally? the great wall. this stars matt damon as a mercenary who is i am prisoned with -- imprisoned within the great wall who, while he's there, discovers why they built it. it's your average monster movie with matt damon leading the charge. the film does have a few pacing problems. it overdoes the slow motion effects to the point you just start to go oh, another slow motion effect. but it's not without its charm. in the end, it's an entertaining movie but it won't stick with you very long. it's less than memorable. i gave it a c. it's an average film and rated pg 13. nothing is going to knock lego batman off the top of the heap this week. >> so many people love that movie. adults love it. kids love it. >> there are people writing me on my website and all of that telling me they're seeing it four and five times. >> really? >> they love it that much. because of the hidden humor in the back. there you go. >> all right. you know what you're looking forward to. gow to the' sees this week. just don't see fist fight. >> wait to it to come onto at format so you can ignore is there too. >> you don't want to ignore tony on facebook. >> no. >> tv's talk pictures it the place to go. we love having you on the show. >> thank you. i love being here. you

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