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Frankly Green Bay: Cyndee Sweetland

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Frankly Green Bay: Cyndee Sweetland Video: Frankly Green Bay: Cyndee Sweetland
Frankly Green Bay: Cyndee Sweetland Wed, 15 Feb 2017 15:40:29 +0000 Frankly Green Bay: Cyndee Sweetland Frankly Green Bay: Cyndee Sweetland WFRV we will be right back. >>> welcome to another edition of frankly green bay brought to you by fundex bringing community to business. the green bay film festival is celebrating seven years. i have the film festival director here, cindy sweetland. hi cindy. how are you? >> guest: how are you? >> frank: seven years. >> guest: already. >> frank: let's talk about how it started and where we are now. >> guest: it started when governor doyle killed the tax incentive program. >> frank: and it's grown immensely. >> guest: we have been all about reaching out to the community to talk about what is independent film. what is that look like? why would you want to go see it? >> frank: independent film is a cool thing were lot of people make these films. they don't make a lot of money, but there is a passion about it.tell us about the films around town program. >> guest: we want to bring film to our community mostly because we have been in a bunch of different places. not everybody knows where we are. we thought bringing the films to people in their neighborhood would be a great way to get them more involved. but we decided to do is get businesses involved as well. we have partnered with a variety of different businesses. we are showing films at their business. it has been really wonderful. >> frank: let's talk about some of those films. let's talk about if i retaliate. >> guest: if i retaliate is a film about gang violence and how our youth is drawn to make the decision about whether they get themselves involved in a gang or join a gang. we have seven panelists throughout green bay coming to talk to our community about gangs. >> frank: you are going to show over 100 films. let's talk about learning. talk about some of the seminars. >> guest: filmmakers from 30 films are coming in attendance. they will be talking about their films after the show. our audience can ask questions about why they made the film and what inspired them. we also have seminars.those are free to the public. we have a seminar about distribution and how films get reviewed. we have a gentleman from the dove foundation who is coming to talk about how you get your film reviewed. he will be there to talk about that. >> frank: if you want more information, what do they do? >> guest: gb film you can get passes for the whole weekend. single tickets are at the door only. >> frank: come to the green bay film festival. starts thursday night. the bema center saturday and sunday. >> guest: the bema center will be saturday and sunday as well as the hall of fine arts. >> frank: do they have popcorn there? >> guest: we have to bring your own. >> frank: get out to the green bay film festival and see some films. thank you so much for joining me. they are on the cover of my magazine, frankly green bay. i'm going to be there friday night.we like to do are winners. tonya hernandez wins for let me be frank. >> lisa: let's do your pics. >> frank: my show this weekend thursday and friday at the meyer. the housewives is jamming the place. number three is jenny's house of joy. it is a hoot. number one, civic symphony of green bay. come on out. it's

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