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Flash Gordon

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Flash Gordon Video: Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon Thu, 16 Mar 2017 15:21:29 +0000 Flash Gordon Flash Gordon KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City within we're having a moment. >> a huge moment. >> having a big moment, who does not freak out over flash gordon and sam jones is in town this weekend for fan x. and i just can't believe you're here and so excited. >> i'm here, thank you for having me. >> happy to have you. first time in salt lake city, you said. >> since the '80s. we were here back when steve gar vee had the ski tournament in bear valley. and that was in the 80s, lady. >> you know what is cool. >> before you were born. >> exactly. >> you can come back all the time. >> i was reading about you and it said that you beat out curt russell and arnold swars neglect tore play flash gordon. >> i didn't know until years later until somebody told me because dina dino had a way of casting and auditions, waw enter one door and go out a back door. i had no idea. >> sam was it the hair that got the role. look at your hair. >> it's beautiful. >> you still have good hair now but it was a little longer. >> it was, yes. >> the evil princess, she was so gorgeous. >> yeah, that's, yeah, there you go. see, that's the 10,000 wig they put on me. why don't you just die my own hair, he goes no, sam, the script says sam j jones shows up 35 years later wearing the same hairdo, okay, i got it, i got it. >> you really do have great hair still though, you really do. >> that glue is working pretty good, isn't it. >> it's still shakable. >> yeah, it's there. >> have you done comic-cons before. >> a lot. i did 30 last year. >> did you really. >> yeah, i'm target to do a few this year. >> it's about time you stopped at our comic-con. >> first time. >> this is huge. what do fans ask you? >> you know what is cool, a lot of things but usually it is the x & a, what i am getting in my older years is now it's time for them to share their story with me. how i impacted their lives. and some of it, you know, in the early years it was yeah, you transported me, you entertained me am but now are you getting some really incredible stories where maybe they came from a disfunctional family and they were 11 years old. they went to the bedroom, they thought about taking their life, this is a different a whole different dynamic. they thought about taking their lives, and they put in the vhs of flash gordon and they decided to live because either me or the character gave them value. gave them hope. so i'm getting these stories now. and every time i hear it i have to put my glasses off, turn around because it is very emotional. >> that must make you feel like a hero in a different way, you didn't even mean to be. >> entertaining somebody is one thing, but having somethig to do with saving a life. and then here is the icing on the cake. so when they're at my table telling me the story, i'm looking at a 45 year old man with a wife an three kids. i'm saying oh my gosh, none of them would be here right now unless they put that vhs in, isn't that amazing. >> did you have any idea when you were playing that part that all these years later it would still be iconic. >> i did. it is a blesessing to, without, it is a bigger blessing if a film does well, if you impact and influence lives. here we are, almost 38 years later, okay. >> i know but you're such a neat person, sam. i don't know. >> hey, i i'm a neat person. >> you really are, you are such a good person and it's good to hear what you are talking about. he will be at ruby's tonight, it is a prif at event. >> the flash gordon screening. we still have tickets. doors open at 7:30, screening is at 8:00. and i'll be there probably live commentary. q & a. and it would be fun. >> can you answer anything? >> yes, oh, pretty much so. >> yes, and if it's something i don't want to talk about, i will just say meet me out back. >> arm wrestle me out back. >> show them your guns, also at salt lake comic-con, friday and saturday, if you don't have your tickets, get those. you have to go meet sam, go to salt lake for more information. sam jones, will you come back? >> i will come back. >> you have to come to san diego as well. >> twist my arm. >> thank you, sam. coming up

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