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Deadpool 2 - View on Film

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Jason Valentine has a review of Deadpool 2 Video: Deadpool 2 - View on Film
Jason Valentine has a review of Deadpool 2 Sat, 19 May 2018 00:22:16 +0000 Deadpool 2 - View on Film Jason Valentine has a review of Deadpool 2 KVEW welcome back......two years ago....nobody expected the raunchy super hero film, deadpool, to become the highest grossing worldwide r-rated film ever. it had no expectations last time.....but there are big ones for today's sequel...deadpool 2. kapp kvew's jason valentine is back with his view on film. thanks mike....deadpool...the so-called merc with a mouth, became a massive hit......pretty much due to the charms of ryan renolyds and to over the anything for a laugh attitude. this week, deadpool is back in his this one....deadpool again is up against it...fighting a time traveler who wants to kill a young mutant.......and he gets together a team...the x-force to protect the kid.........and of course...a litany of gross out jokes between the non-stop action.deadpool 2 is a fun, dirty...and outrageous time at the theater. it feels a little bit of a retread.....but its impossible to replacate what a surprise the original they give us more of the same with a helping of new characters to freshen it up. josh brolin....just three weeks off of killing it as thanos in the avengers, again shows hes a great actor as the time-jumping cable. most of the new elements are fun.....and so is the movie. i wouldn't call it a triumph, or better than the original, but they have delivered an exciting, surprising, and mostly hilarious movie that will entertain. and its unfair to want more....but there is something that feels missing. ryan renolyds was born to play this role......and is his charming self here. if you enjoyed the first one, i think you'll have a very good time at deadpool 2.....just don't look to get

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