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Coding Boot Camp - Awesome Inc. U

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Coding Boot Camp - Awesome Inc. U Video: Coding Boot Camp - Awesome Inc. U
Coding Boot Camp - Awesome Inc. U Wed, 15 Mar 2017 13:40:21 +0000 Coding Boot Camp - Awesome Inc. U Coding Boot Camp - Awesome Inc. U WTVQ Lexington, KY right here. c1 3 mac 940 coding boot camps are a growing national trend but unfortunately is not met as much demand as needed so awesome inc is doing their part your legs stepping up to try and help those here in central kentucky interesting coding tells more such and travis about with disguise thank you so much versus the start off with what is awesome at what you guys do so awesome it exists to help people pursue their definition of awesome okay so we work with our entrepreneurs select admissions date but i increasingly large number of people who didn't study compute science now want to be software developers okay so that's where the coding boot camps: a plan of study meteorology they maybe study a little bit encoding you science it's very difficult to learn but you guys make it easy so tells about the boot camp process and what people expect going in while i am actually a former boot camp or at awesome inc. in the process you sign up you go to interviews with them and you do rework which was the most and orton thing from me neither. work helped me to discover that i actually wanted to do it i was actually very hesitant to start so after you do get accepted you join it's a very very strong program is a race around you i want to find a nice way to do so is a very ver challenging around you and asked a lot of you but you're going to be will perform with seagoing theirs binger lecture time and then work on personal projects and builders of the portfolio okay and i'm you i think you getting a job right after speaks volumes for what you guys actually accomplished in the 12 week span was, typical day and not in boot camp yes typical baywood you would work semantics and programming most the people and comments were program don't have a ground and technology superstar with no baseline essentially and just go from there is i would people ranging from attorneys to people who worked in the medical field for factory workers to patients students you of something really really interesting to see how people transition into that you people nice manager so what is the goal at the end of the 1 week. job would be great at other skills to have that could be no medical flavors of the nonroad them really were looking for is to help people learn how to warn him your software changes all the time and i you and travis is now using different tools that were used what he's learned how to learn that next class we focus on and the demand in the workplace it' there anyway it's 2017 this is a great skill to have in your pocket to talk about are some of future jobs to in the field to the wide variety from the actually end technology to healthcare manufacturing finance there are lots of jobs here in lexington and orem the state and the on, so if have an open house tonight okay to people who are interested in th program is a chance for them to come and find out next program begins in may and applications close this friday so and what i the open house going down open house is this evening ... i'm at 6 pm sounds good also makes people more info or can i go really quick your website also makes, wink there is boot camp and level info appreciate it guys and good luck shaping those mines in the future as i for you or back cowardice and teleflex are

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