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"Bullitt County" Interview

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The creative pair behind the upcoming action/thriller film "Bullitt County" stopped by today to discuss their creative processes and why, as Indiana-born filmmakers, they chose to set their film in rural Kentucky. Video: "Bullitt County" Interview
The creative pair behind the upcoming action/thriller film "Bullitt County" stopped by today to discuss their creative processes and why, as Indiana-born filmmakers, they chose to set their film in rural Kentucky. Mon, 05 Feb 2018 17:32:12 +0000 "Bullitt County" Interview The creative pair behind the upcoming action/thriller film "Bullitt County" stopped by today to discuss their creative processes and why, as Indiana-born filmmakers, they chose to set their film in rural Kentucky. WTVQ Lexington, KY drinking buddies with a dark c1 3 af outboard drinking buddies with dark secret who reunite after years for a bachelor party on the bluegrass urban trail in night 77 burrell kentucky's the joining of today are david b cracken and josh reaper think you so much for being here gentlemen expect to know about your your background as far as making movies and think what they started out in short is that correct yes okay and littl bit about what will i think both of us if wanted to make movies since we can remember it was like making home videos and can and then we really got to know each other in high school college roommate and then i went to usc film school and i did a thesis project there and i did some of the short ... is there that were really kind of like more high-end and and and so after that is when we decide to that fantastic with the name of the production company mr. picture method picture so okay now you two are actually from indiana your hoosiers right so to and on can techie on for this particular ... film that you made while it really kind of grew out of several years ago we got really interested in bourbon and visiting a lot of the distilleries in kentucky and i through that you know there's there's such a rich history and culture to kentucky the reason the bourbon industry and and that that really does, captivated us so we wanted to tell a story that kind of encapsulated all of that cultur and history and the and and also can we come cited on bullet county because has really cool name to it you got some different connotations to it that the kind can play into moving to play with that that awesome now what were some of the inspiration and in ... coming up with this film in making this film i had some with that that i read through i was so interest and they all are so different so let's talk abou the ration that you it's a bit of a hodgepodge of for sure but basically it it's very much of a: brothers film ... nature indicates thrilling but it's got some dark humor in it but i would say it's more heartfelt than that because josh and i really love stuff that kind of has an emotional impact on terms of nostalgia which is you know of all about burden it's about tradition and the movies about that to of these characters trying to get back to their roots so i'd say like no country for old men argo fargo the tv show stand by me the shining a lot of stephen king kind kids growing up i love it i love it so the film premiered i austin at the austin film festival right is very a very procedure of the will to so what happened next where you can go with the on the this will also right now were kind of doing several exclusive screenings in indiana and kentucky we had our indiana premier over the weekend and then were having a kentucky fro your here in lexington tomorrow and work on using this as a as a jumping off point for the festival circuit and so will will spend most of this year going to different festivals in the word out about the film and were also locking them just you should deal so that hopefully b the end of this year people all over the country you will see it and how to often and josh what you most challenging about ural is the producer in this film what you find most challenging about taking the well there's a lot of immunity film there are you running to proselytizing my job is a sickly just trying to figure how to solve his problems but i i thin one of the most notable is when we made the decision to set the film in the 70s was originally set modern-day and he thought this idea of nostalgia that we were trying to cross in the fil the best way to do it is just to immediately put people in the past by adding in the past and so there's still a lot of issue that come along with that tryin to find places to shoot in the look like the from the 70s getting cars on but really i think the biggest was just everyone always had to be looking at all the little details you know it we would be beginning to start a shot in somebody like there's a thermostat room you you you is you see those things in everyday life their site here so i think that was it was just always having to pay attention to detail yeah yeah and david what about you i mean you are in addition to writing and directing the your also in the film to what was most challenging you and yeah i think a lot of it was just trying to make sure that i didn't try the ball on either of those things and it really helped that we ha a very long reversal process in los angeles prior to shooting so we we were able to rehearse and during that time refine the script so i was able to tailor lot of lines to the act as if you make some good in your head but then when they start saying something it just sounds is our so i was able to fix that so by the time we got on that i had are you prepped everything with the cinematographer we knew the shots we needed to get a really good shorthand as we were together and then the script was in a good place the reversals were in place is really out just executing the movie as quick as possible finishing and there's big surprises in this film to write the hundred you all do that how did you how did you plant clues throughout the movie without giving away you know having the twisted everything difficult is doing movie in well it's you you have to divorce yourself of making the movie and imagine yourself as an audience and what kinds of things would you pick up on an one thing i think joslin both learned over time is that you can be obvious about and some people will catch on but most people don't and so you can be really out there in front and then whenever people obtain the movie once they know that was i watching any all had had is now you said also it is to be premiering on at the kentucky letter tomorrow right what time is that to 730 at 730 will gentlemen thank you so much for being a really appreciate it best luck with the film i can't wait to and after brightly the great recipe for you soon to meet

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