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Belle Brezing & The Gilded Age of the Bluegrass Premiere

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Belle Brezing & The Gilded Age of the Bluegrass Premiere Video: Belle Brezing & The Gilded Age of the Bluegrass Premiere
Belle Brezing & The Gilded Age of the Bluegrass Premiere Wed, 15 Feb 2017 14:48:48 +0000 Belle Brezing & The Gilded Age of the Bluegrass Premiere Belle Brezing & The Gilded Age of the Bluegrass Premiere WTVQ Lexington, KY the intimate bowel breathing c1 3 [bell breezing in the gilded ag of the bluegrass will be premiering to oral night at the theater downtown will i cannot wait to its filing. the will actually give us a look at what is most controversial your city tells more we have nelson's costume designer and associate producer and also our own doug high producer director gentlemen big day tomorrow but said reall excited about can you finally kinda exhale into absolutely no okay okay god is here for the next that the six hours so but nelson that you had the job of no kind of make you feel like the. that it was designing the costumes i note you very little photo evidence actually work with titles your-year-old film well i when doug approached me about doing this so what he wanted you to series of scenarios that he wanted to create know and so i look to images of bell breezing on but i had to think about the actress and the people who were doing the roles could just and then there was a great deal of research for the. it was out 40 years i was looking at 1880 to about 1906 and like that and pulling those images together and then trying to create looks into the scenarios that were gonna be in the film not an easy task to do and where does one start with that whole process o saying i know you make it. take it from photo and put on a person's life and no one will build breezing because of issue topic a big part of our shared history here in lexington but the victorian era the cost of his gowns the elaborate nature of the era so difficult to recruit that's why knew we had to have a pro and so grateful that we found nelson and celebrate his artistry to receive some images of what i'v seen the film there fantastic so well done sir looking forward to it tomorrow the big from you low interest is culmination of what you going tomorrow evening gosh other kentucky is our setting and perfect setting because gone with the wind played us to sort out what grounds in 1939 and 40 and here are bell breezing dying just a few blocks away lexington audiences are seen about what went wrong with the women realizing goodness based entirely on ... lexington no reason so it's awful circle process there nelson's costumes are to be on display in the lobby in regard great lineup your most noticeably different looks for was loan trust with all nicely done sir thank you well i mean it was a challenge in for me as i'm primarily a stage designer the opportunity to work on feldman really kind of stretched me up a good bit i had a little bit of a learning curve but it yet it was here to tell her rewarding and i'm so looking forward to seeing you product is a learning curve we saw more, little holiness altogether because it then the cost to me really is such an important storytelling, just as in ordinance the narrative as are historians that are walking us through bill's life it really does tell a story told us what victorian era was like and what you want while something in the case of this particular documentary where is not a lot of time yelling really it's just those visuals of the audio i so i do think they'll tell the story of my way okay with zero work up close in person only a few seats remaining at the kentucky online world pick up the wall we are we have 800 seats and only about 50 left so you want to go to the kentucky theater website to make your reservations and we really look forward to seeing you tomorrow night 7 o'clock the of the lobby opens 730 well maybe few minutes past the folks in but

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