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Are you heading to the movies this weekend?

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Are you heading to the movies this weekend? Video: Are you heading to the movies this weekend?
Are you heading to the movies this weekend? Fri, 11 Aug 2017 12:27:02 +0000 Are you heading to the movies this weekend? Are you heading to the movies this weekend? KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> >> anchor: it's friday and that meenlz new movies out in theaters. that's why we have this guy, tony tuesday can no. we have this guy. >> this guy. >> anchor: what are you going to do? descrow new movies. >> there are three new movies but i only saw two. they had it at a weird time soy couldn't make it. >> >> anchor: have you to catch up. >> a lot of people look forward to that movie vi. >> and i'm going to get rers but they did just not put it in a time when i would see t. first an animated film called nutty by nature. the nut job. this is the sequel and i'm thinking to myself. >> anchor: hey self, eye. >> hey self whuvment think of all the great nan mated films and first 20 minutes of up. and reasons to make the sequel, why would you pick a sequel to a lack luster movie. well, obviously money. and i'm not sure why they decided to make a sequel to this film but there's really nothing in this movie that's memoir bell. just crude humor stroan together by hom m com piewter rised an no maition. no heart or love in this. but our parents slit their wrist when they are done with this in morning something. >> maybe during. voice is will ar net and catherine high gel is in it but it haze few moments but not enough for me to recommend. t- i gave it a dt. it is rated pg. and the next is the glass ceals. based on a true story of a young girl that comes of age any distungs nal family of no madz with a mother who is an es sen trick artist and alcoholic farther and what they just start build a dream. they get toy house or run down shack and start to plant roots interes and all of a sudden the father who name is rex and played by woody harrelson. and it is about the life that they have with their daughter. one of the daughter's janette who becomes a gossip reporter in new york city and lives any multi million dollar apartment prayed by b rirks larson. >> you give this is a oso so review. >> yes because what happened is there really isn't enough to latch on to. a great character study. woody hairlson. i'm convinced he could probably do anything now a great actor. en under rated actors because we thief him as a could med yafnlt he puts in a great performance as does naomi watts in this. the performance is good but story it itself you leave feeling there should of been more too t. i gave it a crrgs. it is rated pg13. and like the movies. tony z. you'll find ones he gives the best ri view too go on line. tv facebook. like the page and

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