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ALT Presents: "It's Only a Play"

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ALT Presents: "It's Only a Play" Video: ALT Presents: "It's Only a Play"
ALT Presents: "It's Only a Play" Wed, 15 Feb 2017 22:16:30 +0000 ALT Presents: "It's Only a Play" ALT Presents: "It's Only a Play" KAMR jason crespin. ? give my regards to old broadway ? >> andy: usually we welcome our next guest as he wears his director hat. today he's become on the stage. we can't think of a better reason to see alt's latest production "it's only a play. from everything i've read, this play is hilarious. give us the story line. >> the show is about opening night of a broadway play called "the golden egg. everyone, the whole creative team has gotten together. it's an opening night party at the producer's house, lavish apartment in new york. >> andy: they really went out for this one. >> they're waiting for the opening night reviews. and so anyone who knows how that feels, it's pretty insane. so you have the producer, the director, the playwright, their friends, a guy who checks coats and as their egos get bigger and as the reviews come out, things definitely go crazy. >> andy: so you're saying there's a narcissist or two? >> just a bit, just a bit. >> andy: you have to explain, because i see all the posts on your facebook and what not. you've got some hair and some make-up in this one. >> andy: i do. tell me about your role? >> i'm the british director. he's basically the wonder kid director from london who has yet to have a failure, yet to... he's very eccentric. he has black nail polish and the whole nine yards, kind of a russell brand kind of character. >> andy: not you at all. >> andy: not at all. the show is hilarious. >> nathan lane, stockard channing, they were in the production on broadway. we knew this was a great show for our audiences. we have four more shows this coming weekend. it's not for the kids. it's not for necessarily the whole family. it's a rated-r show because of language, but it's hilarious. >> andy: it's perfect for a night out. >> completely. >> andy: nice date night. you have a couple shows coming up. starts on thursday, right? >> tomorrow night we have a show at 7:30. then friday and saturday at 8:00, then a sunday matinee at 2:30. we brought tickets to giveaway. >> andy: i have them right here in my pocket. here what we need you to do. head over to the "studio 4 facebook o page. tell us a funny theater story. maybe you forgot your lines, you couldn't get in your costume correctly. true story. i was in "the man who came t dinner." i slipped. i was coming down the stairs too fast because the doorbell rang. feet went. >> it happens. >> andy: you keep going. >> that's exactly right. but we're hoping to see everybody. this show has been a blast. the whole talent, veteran actors. i haven't been able to do a show with schedule for about almost two years. it's been great to be on stage. we're having a blast. >> andy: you have things going on. i saw the other day, it's been a year since you were on hollywood game night. >> it was my anniversary on the knight, the year i aired on "hollywood game night. >> andy: and you and kelly ripa are bffs now. >> it was blast for sure, yeah. it was crazy. and then all of this is going on, we're rehearsing for "nois is off" the next show at player comedy, and our kids are rehearsing beauty and the beast. we'll be producing that show march 24th through april 2nd. in fact, check out our web site tomorrow. we're releasing our mrs. pots will be hosting a tea party on march 4th out at justine's garden. we have all the information on our web site, and you guys are the first ones to know about it. >> andy: that's huge. >> so ticket goss on sale for that, mrs. pots and belle will be there. get your photos taken. have a great spot of tea day. >> andy: perfect for my kiddos. we're glad you're back on stage. jason, thank you so much. >> thank you all for having us. >> andy: up next, it's time to grab

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