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ALT Celebrates the Work of John Hughes

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ALT Celebrates the Work of John Hughes Video: ALT Celebrates the Work of John Hughes
ALT Celebrates the Work of John Hughes Thu, 13 Jul 2017 21:07:13 +0000 ALT Celebrates the Work of John Hughes ALT Celebrates the Work of John Hughes KAMR [whistling] >> andy: oh, it's so, so good. john hughes is considered the voice of a generation, responsible fur all the big comedy hits of the '80s and early '90s like "ferris boston latin schoolers day off," "pretty in pink" and "the breakfast club." he's being celebrated. amarillo's reigning most interesting man, jason crespin is going to present john hughes, voice of a generation. this must have been a fun one. >> oh, completely. we have a great committee that works on it. when they said they would do the voices of a generation with john hughes, immediately all of us were like, oh, my god, we cannot wait for us. tomorrow night we're showing "ferris"ferris bueller's day of on saturday "national lampoon's vacation" and "breakfast club," which we just saw a clip. really exciting to be offering these great movies to amarillo. >> andy: if we want to see it, what do we do in. >> you can get a festival pass for $50. it gets you into the opening night gala tomorrow at 6:30, priority seating to all the movies, all this good stuff. but if you don't want the get that pass, all our movies are free, free to come see any of these movies. we're taking donations at the door, but you can come on down to a lt at adventure space, ferry's bueller's day off 7:30 on friday. national lampoon's vacation saturday at 1:00 and the breakfast club. great way the seize these on the big screen. >> andy: and it's a fun way to raise money for such a good cause. you guys are also doing a neat thing with trivia, too, right? >> there's going to be a professor from w.t. that's going to be giving trivia out about the shows and the movies and what not. it's going to be a great, great time for sure. even if you want to dress up, i know some people are planning up on dressing up in their best '08's costume for tomorrow night. >> andy: you get to watch a cool '80's flick. i think that's all good. do you have one of his movies that really stand out for you. >> the breakfast club for sure. i remember when i saw the breakfast club, i wasn't in high school, but i just assume that's what high school is all about. i was ready. i was like ready to get a detention. exactly. >> andy: yeah. >> so which one would you have been? >> oh, the nerd. i would have been the nerd, the elephant, the lamp didn't work. i would have... yeah, that would have been. who would you have been? molly ringwald? >> that would have been 3408ly easily. that would have been molly, definitely, definitely. >> you can put your lipstick on with your chest, right? >> andy: i don't think so. that's never been asked. hey, listen, here's the thing. i got favor to ask of you. so ferris bueller, that was my favorite one. i love that. he was so cool. the fact is if wow would indulge me today, i have always wanted to play ferris bueller? >> really, i didn't know that. wow. >> andy: i was in theater. would you mind re-enacting a scene with me from ferris bueller? would you do that? >> i would totally this that with you, andy? >> andy: you'll be ferris bueller. let's go over to the other set. see how this will work out. >> wow, look how this just randomly was seen. >> andy: look at that. that's fantastic. >> you're in your bedroom here. oh, yes. >> i'm hanging out at the pool. all right. thanks for doing this for me. this is a little scene. you're in character. i don't think ferris bueller wears a suit. are you ready? >> i'm ready. cameron, what's happening? >> i'm very low. >> how do you feel? >> shredded? where are you? >> listen, i'm taking the day off. and now i need you to get dressed and come on over. >> i can't, stupid. i'm sick. >> andy: that's all in your head. now come on over. >> i feel like complete garbage, ferris. i can't come over. >> andy: well, listen, i'm sorry to hear that. now come over here and pick me up. [coughing] at this point, remember, we hang up the phone. and then i call back. because i don't... this is ridiculous. making me wait around like this. cameron, this is my ninth sick day. if i'm caught, i won't graduate. okay. i'm in the doing this for me. i'm doing this for you. >> come on. do you know what i am? >> be a man. get dressed and come over here. >> shut up. >> if you're not over here in 15 minutes, you can buy a new best friend. >> you've been saying that since fifth grade. [coughing] oh, wow. right there. >> andy: thank you. >> golden globe winner right there. >> andy: you made a dream come true for me. >> i think i'm going to have nightmares. i think about this later on. >> andy: it's so good. you should keep that with you. so listen, one more quick rundown of the details. >> yes, check out your web site, amarillo, if you want to get that intact, call our box office and call 55-9991. if not, show up to the adventure space, check out the saturday movie 1:00 and 3:15. >> andy: if you're feeling bad, take a look at that, if you've been feeling foggy or a bit scattered brained, pay attention, get your brain in tiptop shape

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