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2 new movies in theaters this weekend

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2 new movies in theaters this weekend Video: 2 new movies in theaters this weekend
2 new movies in theaters this weekend Fri, 21 Apr 2017 12:25:06 +0000 2 new movies in theaters this weekend 2 new movies in theaters this weekend KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> brian: is pride enemies new movies are in theaters. of course our favorite film critic, tony fasano is here. >> tony: i am for real. martin's short character. >> brian: no martin's short here. >> tony: went to movies, actually three opening this weekend. free fire which i did not get to see. it is a comedy about guns. but we did get to see. >> brian: it is an odd pairing. >> tony: it plays all in florida, i don't know why! let's talk about unforgettable. this star is our very own catherine heidel. she lives on here somewhere. >> brian: she does. >> tony: catherine plays the former wife of diane rosario dawson is his new girlfriend seem to be like. and it is one of those women's scorned type movies. it is a movie that thinks it is smarter than it really is. in truth we've seen this type of film many times before with films like the recently released obsessed. >> brian: basic instinct. >> yes the babysitter, fatal attraction. unforgettable never really reaches for anything new but despite it has a really what couple of watchable performance but it just does not go anywhere. the final reel, unforgettable is very forgettable. it gets a "d" and is rated r. >> brian: i knew you would tie that in there. i was too curious. what about the next movie? >> this is when everyone wants to know about. it is called the promise. it is set against the backdrop of the ottoman empire. >> brian: of course. someone in history book is really confused this morning. >> tony: yes. this is set against war. really kind of like a doctor zhivago type of movie. >> brian: so epic anyway. >> tony: when i went into see this i was kind of saying to myself well, how good can it be? well, it really is good! you have some engrossing performances by oscar isaac, christian bale in there. it is a very very well done romantic war film and it really does work well. well-crafted, it is a great story with terrific pacing and heart. it is rated pg. you have to look around, maybe a good week to just go and wait for guardians of the galaxy, dear because that is coming out next week. >> brian: i'm looking forward to that. like that idea if you like tony is much as we do, go alone, like tvs talking pictures. you can

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