Arrow Electronics, Geniatech and ON Semiconductor Introduce Multi-sensor IoT Solution for Workplace Safety

Industrial-grade MuSeOn 1.1 wearable device enables real-time monitoring of working environments for improved safety

CENTENNIAL, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Arrow Electronics, Inc. (NYSE:ARW) has collaborated with ON Semiconductor and original design manufacturer Geniatech to develop MuSeOn 1.1, an industrial, proof-of-concept workplace safety solution.

MuSeOn 1.1 is a Multi-Sensor-Online wearable device based on ON Semiconductor`s RSL10 Sensor Development Kit. The platform features RSL10, the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth 5 radio SoC, and comprises five industrial-grade sensors that can measure, detect and identify varying environmental conditions. It is integrated with local wireless and cloud services that enable companies to monitor working environments in real-time to maintain and improve safety levels for employees.

In addition to being extremely energy efficient, RSL10 from ON Semiconductor incorporates an on-board processing core, several peripherals, integrated power management and large internal memory.

MuSeOn 1.1 features sensors for air quality, humidity, pressure and temperature, allowing for recognition of the wearer’s activity, together with indoor navigation and positioning. There is an ambient light sensor with wide operating range and an omnidirectional, stereo digital microphone. MuSeOn 1.1 has a dual RFID interface and is housed in an IP65-rated case.

Arrow, Geniatech and ON Semiconductor designed the multi-sense device and its firmware. Arrow also supplies the industrial gateways based on the Geniatech IoT Developer Board 4 and is instrumental in the integration with leading cloud platforms. Combining the powerful data analytic capabilities of these platforms with the high-quality sensor data and long battery life of MuSeOn 1.1 creates a highly effective solution for remotely monitoring and protecting workers with minimal user burden.

Aiden Mitchell, global vice president of IoT at Arrow, said, “MuSeOn 1.1 provides an end-to-end solution that delivers real-time insights into workplace conditions. The combination of data gathered and cloud analytics provided through the Arrow IoT ecosystem will help to improve workplace safety, drive compliance with safety policies and help protect workers from risks.”

Arrow, ON Semiconductor and Geniatech have joined forces to realize the first industrial-grade low-power multi-sensor platform, which enables a wide range of commercial applications, such as worker safety,” said JinJun Fang, CEO of Geniatech. The solution helps companies and employees monitor worker safety in real-time driving compliance with safety policies, and helps protect workers and assets from risks.”

Wiren Perera, who heads IoT at ON Semiconductor, said, “With a range of environmental sensors alongside the industry-leading RSL10 radio, we knew the possibilities for the RSL10 Sensor Kit were nearly endless. We are very excited to see how this platform has been taken one step closer to users with the MuSeOn 1.1 solution.”

MuSeOn 1.1 is manufactured and designed by Geniatech, and is exclusively available from Arrow.

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