Are you an Introverted Leader? Trying To Build Recurring Wealth? Know Your Unique Brand? Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Houston Announces EO Talks

Highlighting Houston’s Top Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders and
Change-makers in Medicine, Real Estate, Branding, Finance and Energy

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Houston will be hosting its first
annual EO Talks, in partnership with Insperity, to be held
the morning of April 25, 2019 at Houston Baptist University, bringing
together Houston’s top entrepreneurial thought leaders, change-makers,
and influencers. Tickets are available to the public.

“Six entrepreneurs will share ideas, business lessons, and successes. We
hope to inspire our local business community as well as highlight the
mission, vision, and values of the entrepreneurial spirit in Houston by
sharing their stories,” says Jarred King, EO Houston Chapter President
and CEO of Swagger

We are proud to announce the following EO Houston speakers and their

1. Winnie Hart will present “What Do You Stand For?”

Winnie Hart says, “If you don’t stand out, you lose. Your challenge is
to identify those things and nurture them, expose them and promote them
– because they are your distinct advantage and the source of your
success.” For more than 25-years, twins Winnie Brignac Hart (Chief Right
Engine) and Lorrie “L” Brignac Lee (Chief Left Engine) have been
leveraging their twin talents (left brain/right brain thinking) to help
companies grow by engaging strategic and creative approaches to reaching
their goals. They have authored several books including: Stand Out:
Tools To Master The 8 Fundamentals Of Standing Out In Business and What
Do You Stand For?

2. Ali Nasser will present “The Entrepreneurs Opportunity Cost™”

Ali believes entrepreneurs see risk very differently than the rest of
the world. He will explain the concept of the Entrepreneurs Opportunity
Cost™ and how the most successful business owners use it to change the
way they make future decisions for their business and wealth. Ali says,
“I’ve heard over a thousand entrepreneurs tell the story of how they got
started in their businesses and have noticed uncanny similarities in the
way they think, grow, and see opportunity.”

3. Dr. Joe Galati will present “America’s #1 National Security

Obesity in America – especially childhood obesity – poses a significant
threat to our national security, as well as the success, financial
livelihood, and survival of the next generation. 1/3 of all military
recruits are rejected due to obesity, and that current research
indicates that this generation of children will not live as long as
their parents due to premature diabetes, heart disease, and cirrhosis. Dr.
is President of Liver
Specialists of Texas
, in the Texas Medical Center and has held many
prominent positions, including Medical Director of Transplant Hepatology
at University of Texas Medical School, Medical Director – Sherrie and
Alan Conover Center
Liver Disease and Transplantation
at Houston Methodist Hospital. Dr.
Galati hosts and produces “Your
Health First
,” a weekly one-hour radio program on iHeart Radio’s 740
am KTRH every Sunday evening. He is the author of the Amazon Best
Selling book, Eating
Yourself Sick
and has conducted numerous clinical
research studies on new compounds targeting fatty liver disease.

4. Author of the #1 Amazon bestselling book, Mailbox
, Chris Hotze, will present “Understanding the Power of
Recurring Revenue.”

A recurring revenue relationship is the most fought over space in the
business world. Apple and Amazon want to host your files in the cloud.
Mercedes Benz and Lexus want to lease you a vehicle and give you
incentives to lease the next one. Businesses with recurring revenue are
valued much higher than those that don’t have a predictable revenue
stream. Likewise, on the personal investment front, having a recurring
revenue model will transform your life and provide you freedom like you
have never experienced. Hotze is the CEO and Founder of Crescere
Capital, a privately owned commercial real estate investment and
development firm with an opportunistic value-creation strategy within
the retail, industrial and commercial development sectors. Chris’s adept
investment strategies are focused on cycles and trends, monetizing
assets as certain cycles and trends mature while simultaneously shifting
into emerging opportunities.

5. Shoshi Kaganovsky, Entrepreneur, technology scout, proud
geek and innovation freak will present “Women Entrepreneurs – To Be
Or…To Be the Best.”

Shoshi, the 33-year-old founder of SensoLeak, presents her inspiring
story of a woman entrepreneur in the male-dominated oil and gas
industry. An Israeli investor and serial entrepreneur, Shoshi has been
named one of the 20 most influential women in Israel and one of 70 most
brilliant innovators of all times in Israel history. Already a serial
entrepreneur in Israel, she moved the headquarters of SensoLeak to
Houston’s Energy Corridor to bring her disruptive new approach to
pipeline leak prevention and detection to the energy capital of the
world. Her company is proceeding to upend the way pipeline leak
prevention and detection are done, using the latest artificial
intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and the Internet of Things
(IoT). SensoLeak is currently being used for pipeline diagnostics in the
U.S., Canada, Japan, Western Europe, Russia, Middle-Asia, Australia,
Central-Asia, and Africa.

6. Darlene Gagnon will present “The Introverted Entrepreneur
Competing in an Extroverted World.”

Who is the best leader, an introvert or an extrovert? In today’s digital
age with celebrity entrepreneurship at an all-time high, it’s easy to
consider extroverts to be the most promising entrepreneurs and leaders.
However, current thinking suggests that introverts can be just as
competent as extroverts in leadership roles. Darlene will discuss the
aspects of how to succeed and thrive given this unique temperament and
how to lead from behind. This striking style puts the focus on
developing a team’s leadership and doing the strategic and critical
thinking required to compete and create sustainability in the future of
an entrepreneur’s business. Darlene is CEO and Founder of Kinetic
Promotional Product Services and We Kinnect Global Branding Agency and
an award-winning entrepreneur recognized by the National
Association of Women Business Owners
 and Enterprising
 as a leading Inspirational Entrepreneur. Her companies have
won such awards as Best Places to Work and Largest Agency in their
respective cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Paul Sarvadi, CEO of Insperity will also speak about creating a market
segment that’s grown Insperity into a multi-billion dollar company.
Other sponsors include Weinstein Spira and InnovationMap. Tickets are
available for purchase through Eventbrite.
For more information contact Jennifer McClanahan [email protected],
713-858-1206. For sponsorship information contact Jarred King, [email protected].


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