Apstra Broadens Intent-Based Data Center Automation Across Multiple Industries

Enterprises Benefit from Automated Network Operations, Multi-Vendor
Support, and Lower Costs

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”https://twitter.com/hashtag/AOS?src=hash” target=”_blank”gt;#AOSlt;/agt;–Apstra addresses customers’ application, hybrid cloud, and data center
automation needs with the deployment of Intent-Based Data Center
Automation to achieve higher reliability, vendor choice, and reduced

Today we announce the continued expansion of Apstra Intent-Based Data
Center Automation across multiple industries and Fortune 500 companies,”
said Michael Wood, CMO and VP Product, of Apstra. “Enterprises require
powerful, agile, and reliable automation to simplify the operations of
private, multi-cloud, and multi-vendor data centers using software-first
principles that enable networking and operations teams to increase
efficiency and meet the demand for business and digital transformation.”

Intent-Based Data Center Automation Enterprise
Case Studies:

Automation Addresses Data Center Networking Skills Shortage

A mid-size financial services organization reduced operating costs and
was able to leverage advanced automation technologies to manage day 0
through day 2 operations. This Enterprise conducts high-volume
processing, transactional security and analytics, and has a large number
of distributed endpoints. The data center networking team was tasked
with increasing the reliability of services, simplifying data center
network implementations, and automating operations. By implementing
Apstra, the team is able to focus on ensuring that the infrastructure
enables the required services. As a result, they significantly improved
their end user experience and maximized profit. Read more here.

Manufacturing Enterprise Significantly Reduces Costs and Supports
IoT with Innovative Storage-as-a-Service

A large multinational manufacturer orchestrated cost effective scale out
and fully automated commodity infrastructure with a major reduction in
CapEx and OpEx. Previously this company struggled with managing a
complicated system made of different components and networking elements.
They were looking for new options in the market to leverage their
hardware and implement open source device operating systems. Their main
objective was to be able to make their storage applications as
consumable as possible by merging storage and networking capabilities
into a single consumable service. All while looking to digitally
transform their processes to scale and support IoT applications and
slash their costs. By implementing Apstra Intent-Based Data Center
Automation, this organization simplified the on-boarding of its storage
and packaged the networking and storage as one system. The networking
team gained reliable support for storage and IoT initiatives and they
reduced CapEx and OpEx costs multiple fold. To read about their
challenges click

Energy Company Accelerates Azure Stack Connectivity through
Network Automation

A large multinational energy enterprise and Fortune 500 business with
operations in 170+ countries was in need of a data center refresh with
the goal of achieving application reliability. As is typical with
Fortune 500 organizations, over the last 30 years this corporation has
been dependent on and locked in to a single vendor. As a result, the
data center infrastructure team fell behind and was unable to deliver on
business transformation needs, while their costs spiraled out of
control. As a result, outside the purview of the infrastructure team,
application teams started moving their workloads to the public cloud.
Potential security vulnerabilities and escalating costs ensued. The
organization mandated that the infrastructure team to take back control
to ensure regulatory, compliance, security, and cost policies were met.
The infrastructure team changed their approach to reduce vendor lock-in
and move to a more heterogeneous, multi-vendor, agile environment.
Consequently, the team delivered on the requirements of the applications
team and was able to deploy a private cloud environment. Implementing
Apstra enabled them to take a software-first approach and address their
hardware vendor management issues, enabling them to meet compliance
requirements across both on-premises and the cloud environments. Read
about the transformation here.

Large Web Services Company Simplifies Network Design, Build and
Operation Process

A multi-service web, advertisement, e-commerce and mobile payment
provider operating a multi-vendor production data center network
deployed Apstra to help operate and manage, with limited human
resources, a large fabric network comprising hundreds of racks and
thousands of nodes. Offering a wide range of services to its end-users
required a network infrastructure that is able to handle their
exponentially growing data traffic. While they initially planned to
build automation themselves, they changed their mind after trialing
Apstra Intent-Based Data Center Automation – they realized that they
could leverage Apstra as the automation platform while applying their
talented team’s skills to extend, accelerate, and focus on their
competitively differentiated services. The engineering team reported
improvements in agility which have been game changing – tasks that took
them two weeks in the past now only take them two hours – a 99%
improvement. Read more about the business impacts here.

Large Fortune 500 Services Company Deploys Apstra for Cost
Effective Cloud Services

This Large Fortune 500 business achieves greater agility and application
reliability with Intent-Based Data Center Automation. The mission was to
implement a customized, secure, on-premises cloud environment to support
critical internal and external customer workloads and applications. A
turnkey platform was required to host diverse workloads, such as
Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Cities, and cyber security threat
profiling. Deploying Apstra Intent-Based Data Center Automation enabled
this business to onboard workloads as easy as with public clouds, with
lower TCO and better IT productivity. Apstra gave the networking,
operations, and cloud teams a risk-free approach to implement a cloud
software stack and white box hardware. Ultimately, this business
benefited from greatly enhanced agility, reliability and reduced costs. Click
to read more about the challenges they faced.

to meet with Apstra CEO Mansour Karam and Apstra CTO Sasha Ratkovic at
OCP 2019 in Booth #B21 on March 14 – 15 in San Jose.

Attend Apstra’s session at OCP 2019 on March 15 to learn about Unlocking
SONiC’s Potential for Intent-Based Data Centers: Three Easy Steps

About Apstra

Apstra® Intent-Based Data Center Automation increases application
availability and reliability, simplifies deployment and operations, and
dramatically reduces costs for Enterprise, Cloud Service Provider, and
Telco data centers. Apstra empowers Intent-Based Data Centers through
its pioneering Intent-Based Networking, distributed system architecture,
and vendor-agnostic overlay. Headquartered in Menlo Park, California and
privately funded, Apstra is a Gartner Cool Vendor and Best of VMworld
winner. For more information visit: www.apstra.com
or follow us on twitter @ApstraInc.





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