ams to Light up Sensors Expo 2019 with Innovative Demonstrations of New Optical Sensor Technologies

Industry-first use cases in automotive, medical, consumer and
industrial applications

PREMSTAETTEN, Austria–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor
solutions, will showcase innovative optical sensing technologies which
are transforming personal health monitoring, the mobile phone,
automotive evolution, and smart agriculture at the Sensors Expo 2019
(25-27 June, San Jose, CA). The company will also lead two Sensors Expo
conference sessions.

Breakthroughs from ams, such as the development of nanoscale optical
filters and new miniature, best-in-class efficiency power laser
emitters, are creating new markets and opening up fresh opportunities to
deploy optical sensors across the automotive, medical, consumer and
industrial sectors.

The exciting optical sensor demonstrations on hand at Sensors Expo
include highly advanced 3D sensor technology for smartphones, computing,
automotive and robotics; medical-grade wearable devices that monitor
blood pressure; and spectral sensors for maximizing yields in smart
horticulture. Sensors Expo visitors can also discover how ams is
advancing industry-leading spectral sensing technology for tomorrow’s
industrial and consumer applications: from water monitoring, to control
washing machine cycles, to advanced analysis of materials using infrared

“We are driving innovation to create differentiated solutions for our
customers,” says Alexander Everke, CEO at ams. “ams has the unique
technology and expertise to create complete reference designs from face
recognition to a wearable blood pressure monitor to a plant-yield
maximizer. At Sensors Expo, visitors will see all these and the exciting
new use case possibilities based on innovative ams technology.”

ams Conference Speakers

Horticulture & Sensing: A Natural Fit – 27 June, 11:00am @ Executive

Tom Griffiths, Senior Marketing Manager, ams AG

LEDs enables new spectral approaches that create a new opportunity to
explore interaction between light and plants. The end result will be
optimized “recipes” for the different growth stages for each type of
plant. You will see the synergy between horticultural and the sensors
that monitor the ambient environment, manage those spectral recipes, and
deliver real-time feedback on the plants’ reactions.

Innovations in Spectral Sensing – 27 June, 2:30pm @ Meeting Room 211CD

Randy Ryder, Director of Marketing, ams AG

Spectroscopy applications have typically been reserved for markets where
large capital expenditures of expensive lab equipment are necessary for
daily operations. In recent years, innovations in miniaturizing sensor
technology has opened up new market opportunities for spectroscopic
applications. The cost and size of equipment has been reduced to where
today, a handheld spectrometer provides virtually the same measurement
capabilities as expensive benchtop laboratory equipment. This session
examines recent innovations in spectroscopy, new use cases never before
realized, from farmers analyzing grains to pharmaceutical companies
managing drug fraud within their value chains, and more.

Lighting up Sensors Expo 2019 – innovative use cases for new optical
sensor technology

Visit ams @ booth #1130 @ McEnery Convention Center, San Jose and our
invitation demo room Willow Glen I and II @ Hotel Marriott, San Jose ,
301 South Market Street, 95113 San Jose, CA,

Automotive sensing

  • Compact projected lighting: Featuring the ams logo
    projected on to the road surface from a slim ams Micro
    Lens Array built into a chassis feature such as a door sill.
  • Steering wheel sensor: Supporting Advanced Driver
    Assistance Systems (ADAS) by detecting the driver’s hands on the
    steering wheel, and concurrently measuring the driver’s heart rate.
  • Unique stray-field immune magnetic position sensors: Systems
    which measure the
    rotation of a motor or the position of devices
    such as the brake pedal, while remaining immune to interference from
    external magnetic fields.
    Learn how ams position sensors
    are enabling automotive design engineers to guarantee safety,
    reliability and durability via contactless position sensor solutions
    with built-in magnetic immunity.
  • Position sensor BLDC motor kit: The BLDC Motor Kit shows
    performance of ams’ position sensors used in electronically
    commutated motors for improvement at adjustment control of torque at
    start-up and in high-speed operation.
  • Smart ruler AS5600: Experience an application example based on
    a customer application of a digital tape measuring tool and handheld

Optical sensing in the mobile phone

  • All three major 3D technologies: Active Stereo, Structured
    Light and Time of Flight demonstrations for multiple applications.
  • The industry’s slimmest proximity/color sensor module: For
    behind OLED enabling bezel-less smartphone designs.
  • 1D short-range time-of-flight sensors: For accurate
    proximity sensing over the range 0-60cm, demonstrated in an
    Android™-based mobile phone design.
  • 1D mid-range time-of-flight sensors: Offering a range up
    to 2.5m, the TMF8801 demonstration shows how it can enable Laser
    Detect Auto-Focus for pin-sharp images from the world-facing camera.

Medical and industrial optical sensing

  • VivaVita reference design: A wearable device for 24/7
    vital sign sensing, including a blood pressure monitoring solution
    with US FDA approval expected in fall 2019.
  • A complete 18-channel spectral sensing module which enables
    growers to precisely tune the color output from LEDs to maximize yield
    of any given plant type.
  • Spectral Sensor for pantone and color detection: Based on
    the AS7341 spectral sensor, it can be used to measure skin tone or the
    color of fabrics, and can be embedded in a compact, mobile module. A
    solution for industry and consumers, for example online shopping for
    color-critical products such as cosmetics and furnishings.
  • Laboratory-grade skin color sensor AS7341: A miniature spectral
    sensor chip that brings laboratory-grade multi-channel color analysis
    capability to portable and mobile devices in action. Demo will show
    how the sensor can be used to measure skin tone.
  • IR spectrometer: IRS/Admire IR spectrometer for consumer
  • Aqua Sensor: With the AquaSensor ams will demonstrate how a
    light source and the AS7261 uses advanced nano-optic tri-stimulus
    filters to speed development of fluid monitoring applications
    including turbidity, bio-film and precision colorization detection.

Image sensing

  • One of the smallest digital camera NanEyeC: ams will show the
    NanEyeC micro camera module directly connected to a microprocessor
    board for consumer applications like eye tracking, IoT sensor hubs,
    presence detection and home robotics. NanEyeC features a resolution of
    320×320 pixels in a compact 1x1mm footprint. The camera module
    includes a multi element lens which improves the effective resolution
    of the sensor and significantly reduces distortion.

Audio sensing in wireless earbuds:

Digital Augmented Hearing: Tuning out noise while tuning in
speech and music in any environment on first to market loose- and closed
fit earbuds.

POW:COM: Dual pin charging and communication. Form factor demo
of wireless earbud boards connected to a charging cradle. Android phone
showing battery level and BT communication status.

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