Agnik’s HealShare Project for Shared Health Becomes a Top-15 Winner of The Global Hack for Fighting COVID-19

BALTIMORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#coronavirus–Agnik, the maker of the market-leading connected car GPS tracker Vyncs, has been named as one of the top-15 winners of The Global Hack for fighting COVID-19 (Coronavirus) with close to 12,000 participants from 100+ countries. Team Agnik developed a shared public health framework called HealShare ( that lets you take a privacy-protected audio recording of your breath using a smartphone for detecting emerging patterns of breathing discomfort around the globe. This will be used for research and integrating public health with mobility.

Agnik is also pleased to announce that it has released a beta feature in the free Vyncs app called “[email protected]”, powered by the technology developed in the HealShare project during The Global Hack. Using advanced statistical data analysis and machine learning algorithms, users can see how their breathing-audio signature changes over time and compare with others around the world. More information can be found at

“Public health and mobility are likely to be strongly coupled in this post COVID-19 world and Agnik is committed to developing new technology for better and safer mobility,” said Dr. Hillol Kargupta, President of Agnik. “I would like to congratulate our team for excellent work and take this opportunity to thank our customers for the support.”

The Global Hack is an online hackathon, designed to share, create and develop ideas for urgently needed solutions in the face of the ongoing crisis, as well as to build a pliable post-pandemic.

“We are pleased to announce that Healshare by Vyncs has placed in the Top 15 within the Health & Wellness Track of The Global Hack,” says Mari Hanikat, CEO of Garage48 and one of the leads of The Global Hack.

In addition to [email protected], Agnik has launched a “Vyncs for Heroes” program to support first responders and created numerous blog resources. For more details please visit .

About Vyncs and Agnik

Vyncs® is a global connected car brand owned and operated by Agnik, a distributed data analytics platform company for connected vehicles and devices. Agnik offers products in the consumer, fleet, insurance, vehicle-repair-services and automotive OEM markets in 200+ countries.

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