Action Square’s ANVIL Showcasing at E3 Expo

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ANVILAction Square (KOSDAQ: 205500, CEO Yeonjun Kim) has confirmed that their latest title called ANVIL will be showcased at E3 2021. The game is PC/console-based action shooter planned for the global release.

ANVIL is a top-down sci-fi roguelike action shooter where players control various types of characters to explore the galaxies. The game also supports multiplayer co-op and boasts fantastic graphic quality.

E3 Expo is one of the world’s largest gaming events that takes place annually in Los Angeles, United States, however, it will take place online this year. ANVIL, which is being developed by Action Square and published by SK Telecom (KRX: 017670, CEO Jungho Park) on Xbox and 5GX Cloud Gaming, will be the flagship title at the event.

Action Square is planning to release a new trailer as well as gameplay clips, developer interviews, etc. during the E3 Expo period. There will also be live streaming and various events being planned.

You may check ANVIL’s E3 participation through E3’s website ( or through its dedicated app for the event. A public demo test for the game on Xbox and Steam is also scheduled to coincide with the E3 Expo.

ANVIL, which is being talked by gamers throughout the globe, will be released globally this year on various platforms including PC, console, cloud, etc.

Wonho Son, the producer for ANVIL said, “We’re very happy to be able to introduce ANVIL through a global exhibition like E3,” and said, “We will strive harder to develop an action shooter that everyone can enjoy.”

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About Action Square

Action Square is the first to receive the Korea Game Awards with a mobile game. With the success of ‘Blade for kakao’, the company released its sequels like ‘Blades of Three Kingdoms’ and ‘Blade 2 for kakao’, and established its foothold as an action game studio. It disclosed that it’s working on new projects last August including ANVIL.


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