Video:   Tech talker: Smartwatch roundup

Tech talker: Smartwatch roundup

by Clip Syndicate

- (NBC News) Smartwatches are about telling you more than just the time. They offer e-mail and other alerts, and even talk into your wrist like Dick Tracy, but that hasn't been enough for most consumers. Only about 7 million were sold worldwide last year, versus more than a billion smartphones. Many people feel the watches simply don't offer anything new that smartphones don't. CNET's Bridget Carey says battery life has also been an issue, as well as cost, but that could soon change. "There are a few smartwatches that stand out in the market right now and one of them is Pebble," Carey says. "It's probably one of the more popular smartwatches because the battery can last a whole week." That's because its screen is similar to an e-reader, which uses less juice than touch screens. Pebble's new color model broke records on Kickstarter with more than $13 million worth of pre-orders. Samsung is another big smartwatch player, but offering six models in one year may have been overkill. "Consumers are confused by that many choices," Carey notes. Motorola is getting in on the game as well with a round model, and LG is targeting fashionistas with its all-metal model. "Theres two different battles going on, function and fashion, and hopefully someone can get both right," Carey says. Apple is hoping it has with it's upcoming watch, but it's still new technology. Read more: Read More >>

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Business Issues: Content Insider #383 - New Rules

Content Insider #383 - New Rules

With Hackers, Cybercriminals and Cyberterrorists, There's No Business as Usual

Security experts say there are two types of system/device users - computer, tablet, phone - those that have been hacked and those that don't know they've been hacked. Really a grim view of the world I'd say. It's not that bad but it doesn't take much for people to get creepy, bad stuff on their device that does mean, nasty stuff. Security isn't IT's business or your service provider's. It's like Smokey the Bear said - "only you can prevent forest fires" - and this fire can strip you of your complete identiy and more. There's no safe, secure security solution available except for good old caution and common sense.

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